Mount Harriet National Park, Andaman


Mount Harriet is the third highest peak in the Andaman and is named after Harriet Tytler, the second wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, a British soldier, naturalist and photographer. Mount Harriet is famous for nature trails/treks and known for its Andaman wild pigs, saltwater crocodiles, turtles and robber crab.

Local Transport

It is 55 km by road and 15 km by ferry and trek from Port Blair.

How to reach

Regular flights are available from Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata and other major cities to Port Blair. Regular passenger ship services are available to Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata , Visakhapatnam and it takes around 3-4 days.


At Mount Harriet, there is a Forest Guest House where tourists can take rest.

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