Adventure Tourism And Activities In Jharkhand

Jharkhand is becoming popular destination for adventure tourism. The adventure activities available in the state are rafting, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, para gliding, paddle boat, para sailing, trekking, mountaineering, jungle safaris. The government tourism department has set up Jharkhand Adventure Tourism Institute (JATI) to promote different kinds of water sports and aero sports like ballooning, hang gliding, power chute, para-sailing, and land based adventure activities.

Khandoli Dam, Giridh (12 km from Giridh)

Khandoli is a popular spot for aerial, mountaineering and water related adventure sports owing to the physical and the relief features of the area. Khandoli Paryatan & Adventure Tourism (P) Ltd ( provide tour packages compromising various activities like camping, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking, river rafting, parasailing, paragliding, canoeing, skiing and others.

Giridh Water Sports (210 km from Ranchi)

The water reservoir located 8 km from Giridh is famous for bird-watching activities and adventure sports like boating, rock-climbing, parasailing, kayaking, elephant/camel safari and many other amusement facilities.

Parasailing at Giridih

Parasnath and Satpahar hills in Giridin district are rated among best sites in the country for paragliding and parasailing.

Latehar (110 km from Ranchi)

Latehar is famous for water falls, boating, river rafting, trekking, mountaineering etc.

Following organisations are also actively support and arrange adventure tours in Jharkhand.

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation , Jamshedpur

Know India, Jamshedpur , Jamshedpur

National Adventure Foundation, Ranchi Jharkhand Chapter (

Jharkhand Wushu Association

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