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Located in Balaghat range, Beed district has rich history, culture and tradtion.The district is bounded by Aurangabad and Jalna in the North, Parbhani and Latur in the East, Ahmednagar and Osmanabad in the South and Ahmednagar in the West. Major tourist places of Beed are Bendsura dam, Historic gates, Khazana well, Mansur Shah tomb, Jama masjid and Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary. The popular pilgrimages places of Beed are Parli Vaijnath, Ambajogai Yogeshwari Temple, Kankaleshwar Temple, Khandoba temple, Manmath Swami Mandir, Shree Shetra Narayangad, Asapurak Ganesh Temple, Rakshbhuvan and many more.

Tourist Places in Beed

Historic Gates

Beed city had a small fort and many historical gates of which only remains in bad condition. One of such gate is in the eastern part in Mahbub Gunj also called as Hiralal Chowk. Kotwali gate (known as Kotwali Ves) is situated at the western bank of river Bendsura. Another gate, which is also in a bad condition, is found at Quila near Milliya campus. Fourth gate is in Bashir Gunj area and perhaps is in a little better condition than the other gates, most probably due to the grave on its Burj which is said to be of some Sufi Buland Shah.

Khazana Well

Khazana Well was built in 1583 by Salabat Khan, who was Sardar during the reign of Murtaza Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar. Located 6 km from city, the once famous well is now filled with mud water.

Mansur Shah tomb

Mansur Shah was 18th century Sufi of Suharwardy clan of Sufis. He is said to be a Dharma Guru (spiritual teacher) of Mahadji Scindia. The marble tomb is in the eastern part of Beed near Khandeshwari temple.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid was built during the period of Mughal emperor Jahangir and it was one of the largest mosques of Beed. Located in the centre of the town at Quila, it has three huge domes and four minarets.

Kille Dharur, Beed

Dharur fort was built during the period of Adilshah on the hill surrounded by valley. The fort is now in ruined condition and remains of its gates, strong fortification, a mosque and some water tanks.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Beed

Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary

Naygaon Mayur Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over 30 km of forest area of the Patoda Taluka in Beed district. The sanctuary is ideal weekend nature trails and watching birds especially peafowls and peacocks. The terrain of the forest area is of scrub forest, plantation blocks, grassland and blanks. The wildlife species of the sanctuary are Hyenas, Foxes, Black Buck Porcupines, Jungle cats, Palm Civets, Hares. It also has watch tower to view wild animals and surrounding green scenery.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Beed

Bendsura Dam

Bendsura Dam is scenic place near Beed located in Balaghat range. It provides a mesmerizing view in the evening time. It is also good monsoon spot to hang out on weekends.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Beed

Kankaleshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Kankaleshwar Temple is one of the popular pilgrimages located in artificial lake of Beed city. As the architectural style of the temple, it is said to be been constructed during Yadava period most probably during the reign of Singhana who also founded Devagiri. The temple structure is built out of black stone similar to Ellora caves and has beautiful wall carvings. Big fair held on Mahashivratri in the month of March/April.

Khandoba Temple

Situated on the eastern hills, Khandoba Temple is built in Hemadpanti style and regarded as the symbol of town. Two symmetrical, octagonal dīpmal (tower of light) rising 21.33 meters (70 ft) are standing in front of the temple. Towers have carved figures of humans and animals, now most of them defaced. There are two stories about the construction of this temple. The temple said to be built by Sultanji Nimbalkar a Jagirdar of Nizam era.

Parli Vaijnath, Beed

Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga temple, also known as Baidyanath dham is one of the twelve Jyotirlinga (sacred abodes of Lord Shiva). However, the location of Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga is disputed with other two locations in Deogarh, Jharkhand and Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh.

Yogeshwari temple, Ambajogai

Located in Ambajogai of Beed, Shree Yogeshwari, is said to be the "Kuladevi" of Chitpavan Kokanastha Brahmin families and fulfiller of devotees’ wishes. Located on the bank of Jayanti River, the magnificent temple attracts many devotees daily. Navratri in the month of September/October is main festival of the month. The temple is located at 25 km from Parli Vaijnath. For accommodation at Bhakt Niwas contact numbers are 02446-244559 /94222 40371.

Dev Dahiphal

It is sacred place of Lord Khandoba who fulfils desires of his worshipers.

Rakshbhuvan (Shani Dev)

Rakshbhuvan is ancient temple located on the banks of River Godavari and dedicated to Lord Shani Dev. On occasion of Shani Amavashya, lot of devotees come to this place for blessings of Shani Maharaj. There is another temple of Panchaleshwar, the God of Mahanubhava Sect.

Manmath Swami Mandir, Kapildhar

Manmath Swami was a great saint of the Lingayat sect of Shaivism. He wrote numerous books and described the Abhanjas and Astang Acharan for common people. Manmath Swami Mandir is Samadhi of Manmath Swami. Manmath Swami Yatra held on occasion of Kartik Poornima in the month of November/December.


Chakarwadi is known for Mauli Maharaj Temple which is Samadhi of Mauli Maharaj. On the occasion of every Amavasya, many people visit the place for Maharaj’s blessing.

Bankat Swami Temple

Benkat Swami was a great saint and Bankat Swami Temple is located in Neknoor village.

Ashvalinga Temple, Pimplewadi

Ashvalinga temple is situated in Pimplewadi. There is also Kartikaya Swami’s temple. The unique feature is that only on Kartika Poornima, women are allowed to have God’s Darshan.

Shri Kshetra Macchindranath Gad

Machindranath was one of the eighty-four Mahasiddhas and he founder of the Natha Pantha. He was the guru of Gorakshanath, with whom he founded the school of Hatha yoga. Mayamba Temple of Shri Kshetra Machindranath Devasthan is in Ashti Taluka of Beed and popular followers of Natha Pantha.

Shree Shetra Narayangad, Beed (

Shree Shetra Narayangad is situated on top hill in Shirur taluka with 21 km from Beed. Also known as Dhakti Pandhari, Shree Shetra Narayan Gad was founded by Shree Saint Narayan Maharaj. The structure of the temple is Hemadpanthi style and looks like fort. The complex has Swambhu Mahadev Mandir, Vithal Rakhumai Mandir, Nagad Narayan Maharaj and Samadhi’s of Eight Saints. Other nearby important places is Gangaghat, Old Dam, Moti Talav, Bhagirathi and Gopal Talav. Annual fair is held on Kartik Poornima in the month of November/December.

Nagnath Temple (Manur)

There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. It is said that it is the native place of Babruvahan, the son Arjuna. It is a place where deathless Ashwathama was wandering forever.

Gorakshanath Mandir, Beed

Gorakshanath Mandir is Samadhi of Gorakshanath located on the high hill. It is said that Gorakshnath threw golden brick on that hill and the temple was built there. The surrounding natural beauty of the place is added attraction of the place.

Pohicha Dev

Located on high hills, Pohicha Dev is a famous place among Mahanubhav people for omni-potent Lord Datta’s temple. The carving of the temple attracts the attention of the visitors. It is said that Shri Chakaradhar Swami, the founder of Mahanubhav sect visited that place.

Navagan Rajuri

Located on Beed Nagar road, Lord Navagan Ganpati temple is famous for unique Lord Ganesha idol. The beautiful idol of Ganesha is with four heads in four directions.

Rameshwar Temple, Soutada

Sautada village of Beed is famous for highest waterfall in district and Mahadev temple. Mahadev temple in Rameshwar caves are mainly visited in the month of Shravan and waterfall also can be seen during monsoon.

Shree Kshetra Bhagwangad

Bhagwangad is popular for Samadhi of Late Hari Bhakt Parayan Bhagwanbaba and his follower Bhimsingh Maharaj. Shri saint Bhagwan baba was the prominent saint of the Vanjari community. He studied Dayashwari and used its knowledge for the welfare of common people. Bhagwan Baba’s life was spent at Narayar Gadh but in the last years of life he shifted to Dhonya Gadh which after his death is called Bhagwan Gadh. Many spiritual programs like Harinam Saptah, Dindi sohala, Bhajans, Kirtan, Pravachan are arranged at this place.

Asapurak Ganesh Temple, Namalgaon

Asapurak Ganesh Temple is one of the 21 Ganesh temples located at Namalgaon on Jalna road with 6 km on north of Beed district. Located on confluence of river Karpara, Bendsura and Narmada, the lotus styled temple has four feet beautiful idol of Shri Ganesha. The temple complex has also Samadhi of Ganesh Devotee Nirangan Swami Karadkar, Sage Brusundi Temple and Ganesha Kunda where Yama believed to had taken bath.


In the East of Namalgaon, there is a temple of Shri Kolhapurwasini Laxmidevi In the west of temple there is a ‘wad’ (banyan) tree. Because of this tree the name of the place was given Siddhawad. Later on the name of this village is changed to Sidod.

Eating Spots in Beed

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Other Important Tourist Information about Beed

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How to Reach Beed:

Nearest airport is at Aurangabad with 110 km. The closest railway station to Beed is Kalamb road (KMRD) with 75 km. Beed is well connected by road transport to other cities.

Best Time to Visit Beed: September to February

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