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Buldhana is a district in the Amravati division of Maharashtra state at the westernmost border of Vidarbha region. The district is a major tourist attraction for the ancient Lonar crater (third largest in the world), declared a world heritage. Shegaon of Gajanan Maharaj and Sailani Baba Dargah are the major places of pilgrimage. Other tourist places of Buldhana are Sindakhedraja, Dnyanganga Sanctuary, Nandura, Deulgaon, Mehkar Balaji Temple and many more.

Tourist Places in Buldhana

Lonar Crater Lake

Situated on the outskirts of Loanar town in Buldhana District, Lonar Crater is an impact crater formed in basalt rock in the Deccan Plateau before 30 to 50 thousand years ago.It was first discovered in 1823 by British officer, J.E. Alexander and also mentioned in ancient scripts like the Skanda Puran, the Padma Puran and the Aaina-i-Akbari. It attracts tourists as well as members of the scientific community from across the world. Lonar is the third natural salt-water lake in the world, with a diameter of 1800 meter.

The ancient Paphareshwar temple is located near the lake and has fine engravings in Sanskrit. The flora and fauna of this place is another attraction of the spot.

For over 8 years, Khagol Vishwa is doing research on Lonar Crater and carrying a movement to protect this geographical and astronomical site. For more information, visit

Sindkhed Raja

Sindkhed Raja is the birthplace of Rajmata Jijabai, who was the mother of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great Maratha warrior and founder of the Maratha Empire. Sindkhed Raja is a small Taluka Place in Buldana district, with 105 km on the state highway No. 183. There are a number of monuments of Rajmata Jijabai and her father Lakhuji Jadhav. These monuments are Kalkat, Rang Mahal, Tomb of Lakhuji Jadhav, Palace of Lakhuji Jadhav, ancient temple of Neekjantheshwar, Rameshwar and Jijau Shrushti.

The main attraction of the place is Lakhuji Jadhav’s Palace which is birthplace of Rajmata Jijabai. The palace has large wooden gate with garden on its surrounding and large standing statue of Jijamata. The small room on right side is the exact place believed to be her birth place and has sitting statue which is worshipped by locals. The place also has small museum which exhibits archaeological and historical objects on display.

Ranga Mahal is located on the west side of Sindkhed Raja and known for wooden carved.

Tomb of Lakhuji Jadhav is rectangular structure with Shivlinga, inscriptions and other sculptures.

Anand Sagar, Shegaon

Shegaon is a town in the Buldhana District and famous for Samadhi of Saint Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Anand Sagar area is developed by Shri Gajanan Maharaj Mandir Trust on about 350 acres of land for religious as well as recreational purposes. It has play facilities including mini train and Light Music show held on every evening. The complex also has aquarium.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Buldhana

Dnyanganga Sanctuary

Dnyanganga Sanctuary is spread over 200 sq. km of forest area in Buldhana district. The sanctuary encompasses River Dnyanganga and other two lakes. The wildlife species of the sanctuary includes leopards, sloth bears, barking deer, blue bulls, spotted deer, hyenas, jungle cats and jackals. It has also variety of residents and migratory birds.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Buldhana

Lonar Crater Trek

The surrounding greenery around Lonar Lake attracts many trekkers and nature lovers. The place is also ideal for bird watching and trekking. One day is sufficient for Lonar Trek.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Buldhana

Gajanan Maharaj, Shegaon

Also known as Pandharpur of Vidharabha, it is located in Buldhana district and has the Samadhi of Saint Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Annual fair is conducted on Ram Navmi and Rushi Panchami. Shri Gajanan Maharaj was a saint with miraculous powers who lived and taken Samadhi at Shegaon. Shri Gajanan Maharaj Temple is built on the Samadhi of Gajanan Maharaj and is the biggest temple trust in the Vidarbha region.

Nandura Third Largest Hanuman Temple

Nandura is a town and a municipal council in Buldhana district and famous for third largest Hanumanji statue in the world. The white statue of Lord Hanumanji is of 105 foot height. Tallest statue is at Paritala, Andhra Pradesh and second tallest statue is at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

Sailani Baba Dargah

Sailani Baba Dargah is the tomb of Hazrat Abdul Rehman Shah Urf Sailani Shah.

The 'dargah' is said to have built when the Saint left this material world in 1908 and since then the 'urus is held to perpetuate his memory. Close to Dargah of Ramjani Baba, there is a sacred well which, is believed to have been dug by Sailani Baba.

Balaji Temple, Deulgaon (

Dedicated to Shri Laxmi Venkatesha, Balaji temple is situated in Deulgaon Raja village of Buldhana district. Shri Balaji from Deulgaon Raja is considered as the incarnation of the Tirupati Balaji from State of Andhra Pradesh. The idol of Shri Venkatesha along with goddess Laxmi in the temple is as small as a forefinger and is made of five precious metals.

Daitya Sudan Temple, Lonar

Daitya Sudan Temple is located in famous Lonar town and the temple was built in honour of Vishnu's victory over the giant Lonasur. The irregular structure of the temple has similar Hemadpanthi style of Khajurajo temple and built around 6 th to 12 th century of Chalukya dynasty. The deity of the temple is made of an ore with a high metal content and external walls are also covered with carved figures.

Kamalja Devi Temple is located beside the lake with carved images and Gomukh Temple is located along the rim of the crater.

Renuka Devi Temple, Chikhli

Renuka Devi Temple is ancient temple located in the heart of Chikhli city. Annual fair is held on occasion of Chaitra Poornima. Andhara Mahadev Mandir is another popular religious place in the town.

Balaji Temple, Mehkar (

Mehkar is a city and a municipal council in Buldhana known for Balaji Temple. The temple is more than 100 years old and has one of largest idol of Lord Balaji. The documents written on copper found with Balaji's sculpture are now in the British Museum, England.

Haran Tekdi temple and Kanchani Mahal are another tourist attractions of Mehkar city.

Other Important Tourist Information about Buldhana

Buldhana District Website:

How to Reach Buldhana

Nearest airport is at Aurangabad with 140 km, nearest railway station is Buldhana. Buldhana is well connected by road transport to other cities.

Best Time to Visit Buldhana: October to March

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