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The district Chandrapur was earlier known as 'Chanda' according to tradition and legend the name of the place was 'Lokapura' which was first changed to ' Indpur' and subsequently to Chandrapur. Chandrapur is also called as City of Black Gold for large number of coal mines located around the city. The tourist places of Chandrapur are Anandvan, Ancient Caves, Chandrapur fort, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Manikgarh Fort, Ballalpur fort, Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary, Mahakali Mandir, Bhadravati Jain Temple and Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple.

Tourist Places in Chandrapur

Anandvan Ashram, Warora (

Maharogi Sewa Samiti (MSS), a public charitable trust, is the parent organization under which are carried out various projects like Anandwan, Somnath, Hemalkasa and many others. Great social activist Baba Amte started his work with Anandwan for the leprosy affected patients and then moved on to other projects. As Anandwan was the initial project and is the headquarters of MSS, MSS has become synonymous with Anandwan. For planning your visit and accommodation at Anandvan, check the website for detailed information.

Somnath Project (More Information

Spread across 1300 acres, Somnath is located in the lust green forests of Tadoba with 55 km from Chandrapur and 100 km from Andavan. Since 1967, Somnath has been serving as a manpower training center and has inspired thousands of youth who come here to attend the intensive training programs which provide extensive output. Once in two or three months the residents arrange a Loknatya (folk-play) locally called Dandar. This is generally held on a Wednesday as Wednesday is a half-day in Somnath.

Ancient Caves

Ancient caves are group of nine ancient caves located near Chandrapur city. The caves, first carved out sometime during the 8th century, were later used by Buddhist monks. A large number of Buddhist sculptures can be seen engraved in these caves. The caves are said to be carved out during the reign of Harshavardhana Gupta.

Gonda Raja Fort (Chandrapur Fort)

Babji Ballalshah initiated the construction of Gonda Raja fort and completed by his successor Dhundya Ramshah during 16th century. When the Gond capital was shifted from Ballalpur to Chandrapur, the Ballal kings built an extensive land fort with high walls and bastions. The fort has strong walls of 15-20 foot high encompassing the city. The fort area is divided into Jatpura on north side, Vinba or Ghod-maidan on west side, Pathanpura on south side and Mahakali or Achaleshwar on east side. The fort has small four-five entrances.

Manikgarh Fort

Manikgarh Fort was built by Tribal Naga Kings during 9th century. The fort is now in ruined condition and only remnants are damaged structures, tanks, walls and bastions. Its ruined walls and bastions show the signs of strong fortifications of that time.

Ballalpur Fort

Ballalpur Fort is located in Ballalpur town with 16 km from Chandrapur. Khandakya Ballalshah built this land fort on the eastern bank of the Wardha River. The fort is square in shape with walls and bastions. The fort walls are still intact, but all the old structures are in total ruins. There are still two intact gates set at right angle to each other and small postern gate on the river side.

Junona Village

Junona Development Scheme is located at 15 km from Chandrapur town and the place attracts visitors for boating, restaurants, parks and well developed garden.

Ramala Talao and Garden

Ramala Talao (tank) was built by Gond Kings on the city outskirts and garden is developed around the talao. However, both are in bad shape and the district authorities are working on restoration of the tank and garden.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Chandrapur

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur

Known as Jewel Thief of Vidharabha, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve comprises of Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife Sanctuary. The National park derives its name from local Tribal God "Taru" and the sanctuary derives its name the Andhari River flowing through the forests. The area has a wide and rich range of flora and fauna but the main attraction is tiger. Other attractions include the elusive barking deer, the fleet footed chausinga, majestic gaur, robust Nilgai, the shy Sloth Bear, the whistling wild dogs, the omnipresent wild Boar and stealthy leopard etc. Jungle Safari is available for sight-seeing of the wildlife specially tiger and leopards.

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 104 sq. km area in Chandrapur district. The sanctuary is ideal place for nature lovers, wildlife tourists and trekkers. Two rivers namely Parlkota River and Pamalgautam River run through this sanctuary. The dense forest is home to many wildlife species such as Leopard, Jungle Fowl, Wild Boar, Sloth Bea, Barking Deer's, Blue Bulls, Hare, Mongoose, Peacock, and Flying Squirrel.

Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary

Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary is named after village Chaprala and spread over 135 sq. km forest area. The sanctuary is habitant to a variety of wild animals such as wild boar, chital, jackal, langur, peacock, jungle cat, hare, wolf, owl, sloth bear, wild dog, black buck and mongoose. But the attraction of the sanctuary is the Giant Indian Squirrel. Big Cats such as tiger and leopard are rarely found.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Chandrapur

Bhadravati Jain Temple

This ancient temple is situated in the heart of Bhadravati town. Devotees throng Shri Bhadravati Tirth which is in a vast garden. The main shrine is nearly 152 cms high, black-colored idol of Bhagawan Kesariyaji Parshvanath in the semi-padmasana posture. A temple of Bhagawan Adinath and a Gurumandir are also located in the temple complex.

Mahakali Mandir

Mahakali temple is important pilgrimage of Chandrapur city and many devotees visist the temple every day, especially on Tuesday. The ancient temple was built by Dhundya Ram Sah, Tribal King of Gond Dynasty around 16th century. The sculptures on the walls of Mahakali temple were outstanding blend of Tibetan and Hindu traditions. The temple has two shrines- the main idol is standing pose decorated with colour clothes and the other is in resting position. Annual festival held in the month of April and lakhs of people flock to the temple on this occasion.

Ganesh Temple

Ganesh temple is located with the temple complex of Mahakali temple. The ancient temple has rear entrance with Hanuman temple.

Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple

Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and located on east side of Chandrapur fort. Shivratri festival is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm.

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  • Swad Restaurant

  • Veg Junction

Other Important Tourist Information about Chandrapur

Best Time to Visit Chandrapur: October to April

How to Reach Chandrapur:

Nearest airport is at Nagpur with 140 km. The nearest railway station is Chandrapur. It is well connected by road transport to other cities.

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