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Dapoli is beautiful town located in Ratnagiri district in the state of Maharashtra in India. It is popular cool weekend gateway to hang on. Also called as Mahabaleshwar of Kokan, it is located just 230 km from Mumbai, 190 km from Pune and 230 km from Kolhapur. This fantastic gateway is popular for lovely beaches, dolphin safari, holy temples, heritage sites, historical places and yes yummy sea food. Located in amidst greenery and traditional Kokan culture, the trip makes more enjoyable and memorable.

Tourist Places in Dapoli

Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, Ladghar, Dapoli (10 km from Dapoli)

Agriculture Technology Information Centre of Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth helps visitors to know more about the farming, dairy and poultry farms. This Krishi Vidyapeeth is worth to visit if you have interest in agriculture. More Information

Suvarnadurg Fort, Dapoli (15 km from Dapoli)

Suvarnadurga fort was built by Adilshah, Sultan of Bijapur and subsequently taken by Shivaji Maharaj in 1660 for the Maratha navy's shipbuilding facility. The fort was severally damaged in the attack by William James in 1755. The solid rock walls of the fort are specimen of the strong fortification of that time. The main gate is apparently hidden and has rock cut figres of tortoise and Lord Hanuman. The unique feature of the place is that the sweet water is available in spite it is surrounded by sea. The sea fort can be accessible only through boat which is not easily available and need to be checked with local fishermen.More Information

Unhavare Hot Water Springs, Dapoli (20 km from Dapoli)

Unhavare hot water springs is believed to have medical values of sulphur which cures the diseases. There is separate kunds (tank) for man and woman. More Information

Panhalekaji Caves, Dapoli (40 km from Dapoli)

Panhalekaji Caves is the complex of around 25-30 Buddhist as well as Hindu rock cut caves. The site is located on the bank of river Kotjai and has sculptures of Hindu Gods and scenes from Hindu epics. More Information

Kanakadurg and Fatehgarh Fort (15 km from Dapoli)

Kanakadurg is in ruined condition with two broken bastions and old lighthouse. The lighthouse offers beautiful view of the sea. Fatehgarh is totally destroyed and nothing remains of it. It is said that Kanhoji Angre had built Kanakadurg and Fatehgarh forts to protect Suvarnadurg from the attack from landside. Nearby Harnai Fish market is famous for rich and fresh fish at cheap rate. In fact, Harnai port is famous for fish auction which held daily and worth of watching.

Goa fort, Harne (12 km from Dapoli)

Located near Harne village of Dapoli, Goa fort was one of three forts which were built to Suvarndurga fort. Other two forts were Kanakadurg and Fatehgarh Fort. The fort has two entrances – one is on the coastal side and other is on land side. On the wall of the sea-gate there are carved figures of a tiger, eagle and elephants. The fort has rampart which can be seen by climbing stairs. The inner part of the fort holds the ruined structures of the fort.

Beaches in Dapoli

Anjarle Beach, Dapoli (23 km from Dapoli)

Anjarle beach is clean and virgin white sand beach located at the mouth of Jog River. Nearby attractions around the beach are Kadyawarcha Ganpati and Suvarnadurg Fort. More Information

Karde Beach, Dapoli (13 km from Dapoli)

It is clean, quiet, virgin beach of Dapoli. The main attraction of the beach is dolphin safari. Also don't miss the mouth-watering sea food. More Information

Ladghar Beach, Dapoli (10 km from Dapoli)

Also known as Tamas Teertha, the beach is unspoiled and marvellous beauty of Kokan region. The spectacular sunset is one of the prime attractions of the beach. One can also visit the Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth on a way to Ladghar from Dapoli. Datta Mandir and Burundi fishing village are other nearby attractions around the beach. Decent hotels are available for accommodation in surrounding area. More Information

Murud Harnai Beach, Dapoli (10 km from Dapoli)

Murud Harnai beach is perfect weekend spot from Mumbai/Pune. Murud is long stretched unspoiled beach surrounded with coconut and palm trees. Also good numbers of beach resorts are available for family/group picnics. Don't miss fresh and delicious Konkani Sea food. More Information

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Dapoli

Mandangad Fort (Chitradurga Fort) (40 km from Dapoli)

It is believed that Mandangad was built in 12th century by King Bhoja II during the period of Shilahara dynasty. The fort was conquered by Shivaji Maharaj from Adilshah and subsequently taken by British in 1818. The fort complex has three separate fortifications - Mandangad proper to the south, Parkot in the middle while Jamba in the north. Other features of the fort are old canon, Ganpati Mandir and a tank called Thorla Talav. The fort is less explored by tourists and normally visited by trekkers from Pune and Mumbai.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Dapoli

Durga Devi Temple, Murud, Dapoli (10 km from Dapoli)

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the main attraction of the temple is carved eighteen pillars. It is also said that Maratha Sardar kept the huge bell at the entrance of the temple. More Information

Kadyavaril Shreeganapati Devsthan, Anjarle (10 km from Dapoli)

Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the temple is located on a cliff near Anjarle beach. The idol of the God is right turned trunk and lot of devotees visit this temple. The temple also offers panoramic view of surrounding view blue sea and hills. More Information

Shree Bhargavram Temple, Dapoli

Shree Bhargavram Temple is the dedicated to Lord Parashuram and the complex of temples of Lord Shiva, Goddess Renuka, Lord Hanuman, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vetal and Lord Shani. All temples are east facing and are from Peshwa times. Ade is also famous for unexplored Ade beach.More Information

Shree Keshavraj temple, Dapoli (8 km from Dapoli)

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Shree Keshavraj temple is situated in lush green hills and one has to walk around 15-20 minutes. The natural spring on flows from the hill top the stone carved cow mouth (Gomukh) of the temple throughout the year. More Information

Shree Vyaghreshwar temple, Asud, Dapoli (8 km from Dapoli)

This ancient temple is built in fantastic Hemadpanthi style architecture and has self-originated Shivling. The temple premises also houses temples of other God and Goddess. More Information

Eating Spots in Dapoli

Aryawarta, Dapoli (

Aryawarta Restaurant offers yummy local dishes of Kokan region including sea food. It also arranges food festivals like Mangoes Unlimited Festival.

Hotel Sagar Sawali, Ladghar (

Traditional Konkani cuisine is the speciality of Hotel Sagar Sawali. The recepies are made in a similar way of years of tradition.

Surali Garden (

The dishes range from Punjabi, Tandoori, Chinese cuisine and malvani sea food. Some specialities are prawns koliwada, veg hariyali, mutton bhuna ghost, kheema masala and many more.

Zhilan, Chandranagar (

This is the multi-cuisine restaurant with an open air section. It serves both the buffet and a-la-carte options of the three main meals. An extensive a-la-carte menu is available throughout the day.

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Other Important Tourist Information about Dapoli

Best Season to Visit Dapoli: October to May

How to Reach Dapoli

Nearest international airport is at Mumbai with 250 km and domestic airport at Pune with 200 km. Nearest railway station is Khed with 28 km on Kokan railway route. MSRTC buses, private buses/vehicles are available from Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and other cities.

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