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Situated in the Satpura ranges, Chikhaldara is extremely peaceful, less crowded and the only hill-station in the Vidharabha region of Maharashtra. As per Mahabharata epic, the place is named after "Keechaka" who was killed by Bheema here and threw him into the valley. It was discovered by Captain Robinson of the Hyderabad Regiment in 1823. British found it particularly attractive because the lush green hue of the place reminded the Englishmen of England. The serene and pleasing nature of the hill station also features many charming lakes, magnificent waterfalls and rich wildlife. It is the only coffee growing region in the state and is surrounded by perennial green forests of the Melghat Sanctuary. Tourist places of Chikhaldara are Panchbol Point, Sakkar Lake, Devi Mandir, Vairat, Hariken Point, Melghat Tiger Reserve, Gawaligad fort, Gugamal National Park, Muktagiri, Government Garden, Narnala fort and many more.

Chikhaldara tourism festival

Chikhaldara tourism compromises of full of cultural and recreational activities like food festival, exhibition on biodiversity of the place, cultural programmes, tribal dances and exhibition of their art, a Melghat marathon and kite festival. The festival for the year 2015 is to be held from January 9 for three days and tourist tents are also to be erected for accommodation.

Tourist Places  in Chikhaldara

Panchbol Point

Panchbol Point is located 4 km from Bir Lake and a tar road from the Lake goes to this place from north side through tea plantation. Also called as Five Echo Point, as when one can hear reflected sounds five times when shouted loud at the point. The five hills are connected naturally to each other at this point and offer scenic view of surrounding greenery.

Devi Point

Devi Point is the ancient cave temple and important holy place for 'Korku' tribe. The place is 1.5 km from the bus station and need to go down side and bend to enter the temple. The temple is in the huge stone and the water is falling continuously from that stone inside the temple.

Hariken Point

Hariken Point is situated at southern region of the upper plateau of Chikhaldara near government garden. Gawilgarh fort, Mozari village, Vairat hills and the surrounding valley are visible from this point.

Sunset Point

Sunset point is situated on Vairat hills and offers beautiful view of Sunset.

Shivsagar Point and Bir Lake

Shivsagar point offers fantastic view of sunset over Satpura mountain ranges. Hariken point, Goraghat, Mozari point, Vastapur and Shahanur Lake are visible from this point.

Mozari Point

Mozari point is located on the way to Mozari village and Devi Point, Gawilgarh fort can be watched from here.

Monkey Point

Monkey point is located near Maharashtra Forest Ranger College. The point has breath taking view of the valley.

Goraghat Point

Located near MTDC resort, Goraghat point is ideal place to enjoy scenic naturel view with peace.

Malviya (Sunrise) Point

Situated near ITI College on Chikhaldara - Paratwada road, Malviya point is famous for beautiful sunrise views. We can also see the some part of Bhimkund valley and Paratwada city.

Sankhala Point

It is near Makhala which is about 10 Km. from Semadoh. Watching wildlife and scenic view of forest and landscape is of great thrill.

Gawaligad fort

The 11th Century fort was named after Gavlis who had built original fort. The present structure is believed to be built by Ahmed Shah Wali, the ninth king of the Muzaffarid dynasty. The black stone fort has stone gates with Persian inscriptions, water tanks, ruined mosque with intricate stone lattice work.

Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens (Timings: 8.00 am to 7.00 pm)

Also known as Government Garden, it is situated on the upper plateau area of Chikhaldara. It is also called as Company Garden as it was constructed by British. The garden is maintained by forest department with number of plants and flowers especially roses. The garden has a small zoo, children park, a mini train and swimming pool.

Bhimkund Kichakdhara

Bhimkund is the place where Bheema took bath after slaying Kichak and throwing his body in the valley called 'Kichakdara'. It is located on south side near Alladhoh village on the way from Pratwada to Chikhaldara via Motha. The place flourishes with many waterfalls and cascades during monsoon.

Museum and Nature Interpretation Centre, Semadoh (40 km from Chikhaldara)

The Nature Interpretation complex at Semadoh beholds elaborate and exhaustive nature interpretive themes encompassing various aspects. Wild life film shows are displayed at Nature Interpretation Centre Semadoh for the recreation of tourists.

Semdoh Lake

Semodh Lake is one of the popular tourist places and located on the border of the Gugamal national park. The tourists can enjoy boating and fishing at the lake. Panchbol Point and Crossland Roman Catholic Convent are located nearby the lake.

Bakadari and Kalalkund

Bakadari and Kalalkund are two popular waterfalls in Chikhaldhara. The waterfall can be reached from Aadnadi along the mandatory string about five kilometres. Kalalkund falls about one km before the Bakadari Waterfall. As we approach Bakadari the middling partition is flanged by high ridges. This is known as most magnificent waterfall in the whole area.

Dharkhura Waterfall

Dharkhura Waterfall is about 10 km from Paratwada. It has large waterfall and cascade during monsoon. However access is difficult and one has to walk 5 km from village Chota Barhanpur.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Chikhaldara

Gugamal National Park, Amravati

Located in Chikhaldara and Dharni Tehsils of Amravati, it is part of Melghat Tiger Reserve. Flora- Bamboo, Tectona grandis, Ain, Tiwas, Aola, Lendia, Dhawada, Kusum and other important medical plants Fauna- Tiger, Panther, Bear, Wild Dog, Jackal, Hyena, Chausinga, Sambar, Deer, Nilgai etc. More Information

Melghat Tiger Reserve

Situated in the Satpura hill ranges of Amravati district, it was among first nine tiger reserves declared in India. Melghat is an abort of wild life which include 41 species of Mammals, 250 species of Birds, 24 species of Fish, 160 species of Reptiles and snakes and species of Lizard, amphibians etc. It is one of India's most important tiger breeding habitats. There are four Nature Interpretation Centers in MTR. These nature interpretation Centres are developed from the education and conservation point of view. More Information

Wan Sanctuary

Wan sanctuary is extension of Melghat tiger reserve and famous for sloth beer, panther, wild boar and wild dogs.

Pilgrimages (Temples, Churches, Masjids, Gurudwara) in Chikhaldara

Mahadev Mandir

On the way to Mozari village, Mahadev Mandir is located within 6 km from Kala Pani Lake. On occasion of Shivratri in month of March and Shravani Somvar in the month of July/August, many devotees come for blessings.

Muktagiri Jain Temple (, 8 km from Paratwada, 50 km from Chikhaldara)

Muktagiri Siddha Kshetra is the complex of 52 Jain temples located in the green nature of Satpuda Mountain ranges on backdrop of waterfalls. The Samavsharan of 10th Teerthankar Bhagwan Sheetalnath also arrived here and so it became sacred by footsteps of Bhagwan Sheetalnath.

Vairat Devi Temple

Vairat Devi Temple is the temple located 10 km from Chikhaldara and dedicated to goddess Vairat Devi. Located on Vairat hills, the temple has beautiful natural kund. To reach original temple, one has to pass the valley with the help of rope to reach the mount of underground way after passing 100 to 150 ft. underground. New temple is built for devotes for the darshan of Goddess.

Nearby Places to Chikhaldara

Narnala Fort, Akot (60 km from Chikhaldara, 20 km from Akot)

Narnala fort is part of Narnala wildlife sanctuary and on boundary of Melghat on southern side. It was constructed in 1426 A. D. by Ahmed Shah. The fort has more than 20 gates and around 300 watch towers. The gates are with art work and Arabic inscriptions. The unique feature of the fort is an excellent water management system for rain water harvesting and drainage. The system consists of 22 large tanks connected with smaller tanks in such a way that the over flow of water from tank situated at higher elevation goes to tanks at lower elevation ensures no drop of rain water is allowed to go waste. At present, 5 tanks retain considerable quantity of water throughout the year. Dog temple, Sakkar Talav, mosques and canons can be watched on the fort.

Eating Spots in Chikhaldara

· Gawilgad Restaurant, Devi Point Rd, Chikhaldara,

· Harshawardhan Restuarant ; Maharashtra State Highway 203, Chikhaldara,

Other Important Tourist Information about Chikhaldara

How to reach

Nearest airport is Nagpur. Nearest railway station is Badnera with 110 km and Akola railway station with 150 km. State transport buses/Private vehicles are also available from Nagpur, Akola, Amravati and other nearby cities.


100 km from Amravati, 230 km from Nagpur, 591 km from Pune, 763 km from Mumbai.

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October to June

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