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Gaganbawda is unexplored and lesser known hill station accessible from Kolhapur, Pune or Mumbai. Located in Sahyadri range of mountains, the fort is 55 km from Kolhapur and 46 km from Kankvali. The tourist places in Gaganbawda are Gagangiri Math, Gagangad fort, Shri Ramling Temple and Lakhmapur Dam. Gaganbawada is on edge of famous Karul Ghat and Bhuibawada Ghat which originate at the same place and go in opposite direction.

Fort Gagangad

Fort Gagangad was Raja Bhoj II of Shilahara dynasty in 1190 and British demolished the fort in 1844. At the top of fort, beautiful views of Karul ghat, Bhubawda Ghat and surrounding valley can be seen. The fort has natural caves where Gagangiri Maharaj was to use meditate and Gagangiri math is erected at this place. Also, other places on the fort are Navgrah Mandir, Mahadev Mandir, Vithal Devi Mandir, Gaibi Gahininath Mandir and two canons.

Gagangiri Maharaj Math (

Gagangiri Maharaj Math is Cave Temple where Great Yogi Shri Gagangiri Maharaj was used to meditate. On outer walls, pictures of God Hanuman, Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita are carved. Many devotes visit this place for spiritual blessings and meditation. Ashram offers the Hindu teachings, yoga programs and meditation courses.

Shri Ramling Temple, Palsambe

On the way to Gaganbawda, the place is known for cool and serene environment amidst green nature. This old temple is dedicated to Lord Rama.

Lakhmapur Dam

Lakhmapur Dam is the scenic place in Dajiba forest reserve.

How to reach

Nearest Railway Station is Kankavli. MSRTC buses are available from Kolhapur and Kankavli


58 km from Kolhapur, 52 km from Kankavli, 86 km from Kudal, 280 km from Pune, 431 km from Mumbai

Best Period

September to May

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