Toranmal, Nandurbar

Located on Barwani hills of Satpura range, Toranmal is peaceful and unexplored hill station in the Khandesh Region. It is located at 1150 meters above the sea level on the borders of three Indian states – Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Landscape lakes with flowering lotus, seasonal waterfalls and lush green nature would make perfect holiday destination with peace and solitude. Tourist attractions of Toranmal are Yashvant Lake, Gorakhnath Temple, Lotus Lake, Sita Khai, Aawashabari View Point, Aawashabari View Point, Machhindranath Caves, Khadki Point, Sat Payari (Seven Steps) Point, Torna Devi Temple, Sunset Point, Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden. Toranmal is famous for the fair on Mahashivratri at Gorakhnath Temple where many devotees come on Mahashivratri.

Tourist Places in Toranmal

Yashvant Lake

Yashvant Lake is one of the popular picnic spot of Toranmal hill station. It is a natural lake and offers breath-taking views of the hills. Fishing and boating is available at the lake.

Gorakhnath Temple

Gorakhnath Temple is the important Hindu pilgrimage in Toranmal. Thousands of devotees visit the temple on occasion of Maha Shivratri in the month of March/April. Devotees not only from Maharashtra but also from Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat attend the fair. The Nagarjun temple is another holy site of this place.

Aawashabari View Point

Aawashabari Point is located near the border of Madhya Pradesh and offers beautiful views of surrounding mountains. The Forest Rest House is also visible from the point. Jalindranath temple and the fort of Gond Raja are located nearby.

Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake is named for all time presence of lotus flowers in the lake. Also called as Kamal Talao, the lake attracts many visitors for its scenic nature landscape. The water of the lake flows to Sita Khai forming waterfall.

Sita Khai

Sita Khai is popular place which offers fantastic view of valley and stunning waterfall. The view of grazing waterfall during monsoon becomes attractive and splendid. Sita Khai is also popular for eco point.

Machhindranath Caves

Machhindranath Gumpha is naturally formed caves out of the mountain. It is believed that Sage Machindranath used to meditate at this place and has spiritual importance.

Sunset Point

Sunset Point at Toranmal offers beautiful view of sunset in Satpura range of mountains.

Sat Payari (Seven Steps) Point

Sat Payari Point offers superb view of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden

Forest Park and Medicinal Plant Garden is known in Toranmal for many varieties of plants and tree of medicinal values.

Khadki Point

Khadki point is ideal to catch the scenic views of beautiful valleys in the camera. Lotus Lake and Sunset point is also visible from this place. The point is also popular for trekking in Toranmal.

Torna Devi Temple

Torna Devi temple is famous for the black stone shrine of Torna Devi and is said to be 600 years old.

Other places of interest are Coffee Garden, Check Dam and Nagarjun Point.

How to reach

Nearest Airport is Aurangabad with 300 km. Nearest Railway station is Nandurbar with 76 km. Private vehicles are available from Nandurbar/Shahada/Dhule.


55 km from Shahada, 95 km from Nandurbar, 138 km from Dhule, 166 km from Jalgaon, 290 km from Nashik, 500 km from Pune and Mumbai

Best Period

September to February

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