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Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh


Located in Satpura range of hills in Hoshangabad district, Pachmarhi is most popular hill station of Madhya Pradesh. Nested in lush green forest, blessed with waterfalls, beautiful mountain views, it is called as Satpura Ki Rani. Apart from nature beauty, the hill station has many tour spots to explore.

Mahadev Hills has outstanding cave wall paintings dating back to 500-800 AD.

Pandav caves are believed to be used Pandav brothers and dates back to 6th and 7th century.

Dupagarh is the highest point and the popular for sunrise and sunset point.

Jatashankar and Mahadev caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva and has around 108 natural Shiva lings. Large number of pilgrims visit at the occasion of Shivratri.

Apsara Vihar is natural Kund located with 13 km from bus stand and tourist enjoy the bathing.

Silver Fall, B-Fall, Little Fall, Duchess Fall are popular waterfalls located in the forest.

If you are wildlife enthusiast, the place in rich in flora and fauna or can try wildlife safari at Satpura National Park.

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