Indian Festivals

Festivals are essential part of Indian culture and traditions. In fact, it is show piece of our rich cultural treasure.

Some of the festivals are celebrated throughout the country and some are restricted to particular locality or place. Every festival gives the opportunity to know and taste the Indian culture and traditions. If you get the chance to attend such events, you must not miss the same. India has different types of festivals according to religion, culture, music and dances, arts and crafts or environmental.

In the given table, information about major national level festivals is given separately with region specific specialty. Entry is free for the most of the events. However, confirm the schedule and other details of the event. In the table, informative websites give additional information. Also for state level festivals, the website of the respective state provides useful information.

Name of Festival Brief Info More Info Date/Month
Makar Sakranti/Makar Mela Makar Sakranti is celebrated in different cultural forms in worshipping of Sun God. January
Republic Day Celebration of Republic Day by splendid colourful parade and cultural programmes. 26-Jan
Holi Colorful festival is celebrated by lighting of bon fire and play with colors by rubbing the gulal on each other faces. However, holy celebrations slightly differ from different states of India. March/April
Maha Shivaratri Dedicated to Lord Shiva, fasting and rituals are done by people to worship Lord Shiv. In many parts of India, mela are arranged at Shiv Mandir. March
Ramzan After strict fasting of Ramzan month, decoration of houses, family gatherings on the day following the sighting of the new moon.
Ganesh Festival In honour of Lord Ganesha, idols of Ganesha bring home and worships in full enthusiasm and joy. After festival is over, idols are immersed in the water. Specially in Mumbai and Pune one can check the magnificent decoration of pandals made for Lord Ganesha by different mandals. One of them is August/September
Janmastami Celebration of birth anniversary of Lord Krishna especially Mathura, Vrindavan and Iskcon temple, New Delhi. In Mumbai, human pyramids are set to break dahi handi. In the year 2012, Jai Jawan Mitra Mandal equalled the world record of nine levels. Check for more details. August
Independence Day The day India attained freedom is celebrated with flag hoisting at Red Fort in Delhi by Prime Minister and in all states.
Durga Puja Celebrated with joy and religious fervour all over India, especially West Bengal in worship of Goddess Durga. Cultural programs of music, dances and drama are held Septmeber/October
Navratri Dedicated to Goddess Durga, it is nine day festival in worshipping of nine avators of Goddess Mother. Especially in Gujarat and Mumbai, you can see well known Guajarati dance "Garaba" in colourful traditional dresses on nights of the festival.
Diwali Five Day "Festival of Lights" celebrated with full of joy. Decoration of houses, preparation of sweets and magnificent fireworks makes it most awaited festival of India. October/November
Dusshera On the tenth day of Navratri, giant effigies of demon King Ravana, son Meghnad and brother Kumbhkaran are set on fire in honour of the triumph of Lord Rama over Demon Ravana. Vijay Dashmi is celebrated in different forms all over India and northern part of India has special importance of this festival. October
Muharram Muharram marks the beginning of the Muslim year and commemorates the martyrdom of the prophet Mohammed's grandson Hazrat Imam Hussein. November-December
Christmas Like worldwide, Christmas is celebrated in different forms over different parts of India. January
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