Indian Music

The traces of Indian Music go back to the Vedic period. From primitive period to present period, it has grown in different glorious dimensions. Broadly Indian music can be classified into Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music, Folk Music and Filmi Music.

Hindustani classical music pertains to north and central India region and have persian influence. For more info, check

Carnatic Classical Music pertains to South India region. For more info about Carnatic Music, go to

Folk music is one of rich culture of India and is found at functions like marriage, engagement or festivals. Flavor of folk music differs from region to region. The form and instruments of folk music are not specific and it is followed by traditions. For more info about folk music, check the websites of the respective state government.

Filmi music includes music of bollywood (Indian Hindi cinema) and regional films. Filmi music contains all types of modern music, classical music, folk music and grown particularly after post independence period. Modern Indian music has influences of western music.

Music companies like Saregama (RPG), Times Music, Tips, Universal Music, Sony Music, Music Today has played instrumental role to reach the Indian music to public at domestic and international level.

One can check out retail outlets of PlanetM (, Crossword (, Landmark (, Odyssey ( while touring in India.

Followings are the good websites relating to Indian Music.

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