Health on India Tour

Before visiting India, you should obtain Yellow Vaccination Certificate to comply with International Health Regulation, if you originate or are travelling through Yellow Fever endemic countries.

For vaccination and medical kit, you should consult your doctor before 5-6 weeks before visiting to trip to India. Also after visiting India, you should see your doctor, if you are not feeling well.

You can check helpful information at

Some of the points which might be helpful while your visit to India.

  • Drink only boiled/packed waters purchased from decent outlets/restaurants.
  • Avoid food/cut fruits from roadside sellers.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Try to carry first aid medicines. Consult your doctor for what to carry on your visit to India.
  • If you need a doctor, consult your hotel manager. Most of doctors speak fluent English, so you should not have problem to communicate with them.
  • Keep safe distance with pets/animals while befriending with them.

India has better medical facilities at most of major cities and in case of rural areas, government has made available good medical arrangements. However if you are visiting any rural area, check for climate and medical facilities available.

Some of the useful websites are as follows

Wish you good health on your India trip!

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