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Located on the northern Deccan Plateau, Jalgaon is the productive, irrigated agricultural region of Khandesh. Also known as Banana city, Jalgaon is well developed with good roads, shopping malls, and residential areas, and also has good communication and transport infrastructure. Major tourist places of Jalgaon are Parola fort, Gandhi Teertha, Bahadarpur fort, Pitalkhora Caves, Farkande Swinging tower, Unapdev Hot Water Spring, Mehrun Lake and also hill station Pal forest. Main religious places of Jalgaon are Shree Manudevi, Patnadevi, Icchapurti Ganesh Temple, Changdev temple, Erandol Padmalaya temple, Omkareshwar temple, Saint Muktabai temple, Parola Balaji, Avchit Hanuman temple and many more. The two wildlife sanctuaries of Jalgaon are Gautala Sanctuary and Yawal Wildlife sanctuary.

Tourist Places in Jalgaon

Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon

Gandhi Teertha of Gandhi Research Foundation has stat-of-art infrastructure and interactive museum called "Khoj Gandhiji Ki" which depicts Gandhiji life-lessons and ideology. It has around 25 sections which have digital documents, audio speeches, philatelic material with art and multimedia facility. More Information

Bahadarpur Fort, Parola, Jalgaon

Situated on the banks of Bori River, this 16th century fort has strong bastion and rampart. The fort was built by Bahadurkhan Suri and subsequently captured by Peshwas and British. No water and food facility is available on the fort. More Information

Parola Fort, Jalgaon

Parola is believed to be native place of Great Rani Laxmi and Parola fort belonged by her father during 18th century. More Information

Pitalkhora Caves, Chalisgaon

Located in Kannad Taluka of Aurangabad, these less known rock cut caves are famous for their carved sculptures, inscriptions and paintings. Pitalkhora Caves are around 15 Buddhist caves dating back to 2nd century. Please note that proper transport and food facility is not available at the site. More Information

Swinging Towers, Farkande, Jalgaon

Located 16-km from Erandol on the banks of Utawadi river, it is brilliant example of architecture and it’s said to be 250 years old. There are two towers of 15 meter and if one is waved, other also starts waving. More Information

J K Park, Jalgaon

Located near Mehrun Garden, it is very famous among children for parrots, rabbits and Mehrun pond.

Mahatma Gandhi garden, Jalgaon

This big garden with gaming instruments is famous for relaxing and leisure among locals.

Mehrun Lake, Jalgaon

This greenery park is famous among locals for relaxation and leisure on weekend.

Hill Station in Jalgaon

Pal Forest, Jalgaon

Pal is famous hill station in the region in the area of Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary. It also has forest garden, wild animal orphanage and museum of forest produce by forest department. More Information

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Jalgaon

Gautala Sanctuary, Chalisgaon

Gautala Sanctuary is a reserved forest and protected area situated in the Ajanta and Satmala hill ranges of Western Ghats. Sanctuary has more than 50 species of wild animals, 200 species of residents as well as migrant birds and 200 plant species. Other tourist spots around the location include Chitalkhora caves, Patna Devi, Antur fort and many waterfalls. More Information

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Jalgaon

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary has forest garden, wild animal orphanage and museum of forest produce by forest department. More Information

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Jalgaon

Gautala Sanctuary, Chalisgaon

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Jalgaon

Changdev temple, Jalgaon

Also known as Shri Kshetra Bhingnapur, this temple belongs to Changdev Maharaj who has taken Samadhi at this place. The temple is located at the union of Tapi and Purna rivers. More Information

Icchapurti Ganesh Temple, Jalgaon

Located at Navi Peth, near Balaji Sweet Mart, this temple is very famous among devotees. More Information

Omkareshwar Mandir, Jalgaon

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is one of the famous and beautiful temples of Jalgaon. More Information

Padmalaya temple, Erandol (Jalgaon)

Also known as Prabhakshetra, it is half peeth among three and half peeths of Lord Ganpati in India. The temple is located on hill with other small temples. It is a temple with two statues of Ganesh ''swayambu'' which have trunks bending on right as well as on left. The padhukas of Shree Govind Maharaj are located in front of the temple with a huge bell. More Information

Patna Devi temple, Chalisgaon

This ancient and beautiful temple of Patna Devi is famous for its Hemadpanthi architecture and also believed to be birthplace of famous scientist Bhaskaracharya. More Information

Shree Balaji, Parola, Jalgaon

Parola is more famous for the Balaji temple which has huge entrance stone called "Nagarkhana". More Information

Shree Manudevi, Adgaon, Jalgaon

Located in lush green forest of Satpura range, Shree Manudevi is "Kuldevi" of many of natives of Jalgaon. Waterfall, lake and Hanuman temple are nearby attractions. The best time to visit the temple is during monsoon to watch 60 feet height waterfall. The place is located at 30 km from the city to Adgaon. More Information

Unapdev Hot Water Spring, Jalgaon

Unapdev is famous for holy hot water springs and attracts many tourists. Unapdev is one of holy remote place at a distance of 2km from Vardi village & 6km from Adavad in Chopda taluka of Jalgaon. As per Ramayana epic, Lord Rama visited this place during expulsion time. More Information

Saint Muktabai temple (60 km from Jalgaon)

Saint Muktabai temple is region's ancient temple where Goddess Muktabai is honoured as deity of region. Saint Muktabai was the younger sister of Dnyaneshwar, the first Varkari saint. There are two temples of this deity namely Mehun temple and new Muktabai Temple located in Muktai Nagar city.

Avchit Hanuman Temple (15 km from Jalgaon)

Avchit Hanuman Temple is popular religious place in the region near Rameshwaram. The temple is located on the banks of river Tapi with 15 km from Jalgaon. The idol of Lord Hanuman idol is made from butter that never melts. Hanuman Jayanti is major festival of the temple in the month of March/April.

Rameshwaram Temple

Rameshwaram is famous for ancient Mahadev temple at confluence of rivers Tapi, Girana and Anjani.

Shivdham, Ratnapimpri (Parola)

Shivdham is a religious place located in Ratnapimpri village of Parola. The place is famous for Lord Shiva temple and attracts many pilgrims on occasion of Shivratri festival in the month of March.

Nageshwar Mahadev Temple

The Nageshwar Mahadev Temple is located on Undirkheda road and is one of most ancient temples in region.

Saint Sakharam Maharaj Trust

Saint Sakharam Maharaj is the structure similar to Pandharpur temple and popular religious place in the region.

Mangal Graha (Mars) Temple, Amalner

Like Shanideva, Mangal (Mar) is also regarded as God in India and India has two such temples of which one is Amalner. Located on Chopda Road, the temple has equal religious importance like Other Gods and hold rituals every week.

Valjhari, Chalisgaon

This place has Walmik Rishi "Samadhi Sthala" and is located at a distance of 6 km from Chalisgaon.

Cultural and Art Galleries in Jalgaon

Keki Moos Art Gallery, Chalisgaon (

Keki Moos Art Gallery is World's biggest one man painting, photography and other collection of over 13,000 arts master pieces. Keki Moos was from Parsi family came to settle Chalisgaon from Mumbai. Keki was artistic, photographer, musician and writer. But his portraits that delve deep into the emotion of each individual, searching with the experienced eyes of the artistic lens man. He devoted his entire life at Chalisgaon for music, art and photography from 1940 till his death in 1989.

Nearby Places

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Eating Spots in Jalgaon

Ø Regal Palace

Ø Satyabhram Chari Centre and Restaurant

Ø Grillnchill

Other Important Tourist Information about Jalgaon

Best Season to Visit Jalgaon: October to March

How to Reach Jalgaon:

Nearest airport is at Aurangabad with 160 km. Nearest railway station is Jalgaon. Jalgaon is well connected to major cities of India by road transport.

Jalgaon District Website:

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