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Jalna district was formed on 1 May 1982 with Jalna, Bhokardan, Jafrabad, Ambad tehsils out of Aurangabad district and Partur tehsil out of Parbhani district. The boundaries of Jalna district are adjacent to Parbhani and Buldhana, on the east; Aurangabad, on the west; Jalgaon, on the north; and Beed, on the south. Major tourist places of Jalna are Jalna fort, Moti Talab, Ghanewadi Talab, Matsyodari Devi Temple, Jamb Samartha, Rajur Ganesh Mandir, Guru Ganesh Bhavan, Datta Ashram, Kali Masjid, Jalicha Dev, Anandi Swami Temple, Mamma Devi temple, Sambhaji Udyan and many more.

Tourist Places in Jalna

Jalna Fort, Jalna

Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah ordered Kabil Khan in 1725 to build the Jalna fort together with citadel to the east of the town and which is known as Mastgad. The citadel has Persian inscription with construction date and a large well containing a series of galleries and chambers which are now filled up with waste.

Moti Talab and Moti Bagh

Jamshed Khan who built the Kali Masjid, inside the Mecca gate, together with the hamam, (bathhouse) and the sarai, also constructed the Moti Talab on west side of the town. A system of underground pipes routed water to reservoirs in the town, the largest of which is in the quadrangle of the Kali Masjid sarai. This system is no longer in working order now. When the city was at the height of its prosperity, there were five such tanks. A garden was also constructed near the talab known as Moti Bagh.

Sambhaji Udyan, Jalna

Also known as Moti Bagh, this beautiful garden is famous among for play activities, mini train and colourful water dance.

Ghanewadi Talab

Ghanewadi Talab was built by Mr. Bezonji Faridoonji Jalnawalla in 1931 for the use of people of Jalna. Mr. Bezonji was a contributor for various charity projects in Jalna. The lake was only source of water for Jalna city but now it is now in bad condition.

Pilgrimages / Religious Places in Jalna

Matsyodari Devi Temple, Ambad (Jalna)

Dedicated to Goddess Matsyodari, the temple is situated on hills of fish shape. The temple is located in Ambad city with 21 km from Jalna.

Jamb Samartha, Jalna

Jamb Samartha is famous Lord Rama's temple and also the birth place of Great Saint Ramdas Swami. This Ram temple is situated in Sant Ramdas Swami's home. The Samartha temple was built in memory of Sant Ramdas Swami.

Shree Ganesh Mandir, Rajur

Rajur pilgrim is regarded as a full peeth of Ganpati and devotes visit this temple for Lord's blessings. The Ganesha temple, with the Rajur Swayambhu (self-manifested) idol, is situated 25 kilometres north of Jalna city. On every Chathurthi lots of pilgrims come to pray to the deity.

Jalicha Dev (Shri Chakradhar swami), Jaidevwadi

Jalicha Dev is located in Bhokardan Tahsil and one of the important holy places for the followers of Mahanubhav Panth. It is belived that Shri Chakradhar Swami resided at this place for some time.

Anandi Swami Temple, Jalna

Anandi Swami Temple is the place where Shri Sant Anand Swami took Samadhi. Maratha Sardar Mahadji Shinde built temple at this place. On occasion of Ashadhi Ekadashi, big fair is held.

Mamma Devi Temple, Jalna

Mamma Devi Temple is located in Jalna and dedicated to Mamma Devi. Daily Kirtan, Bhajan and other religious activities are held at Mandir. Navratra in the month of September/October is major festival of the temple.

Kali Masjid (Juma Masjid), Jalna

Kali Masjid of Jalna was built in black stone by holy saint Jamshed Khan and said to be 400 years old. Regular prayers and other rituals are arranged here by Muslim community. The masjid has a verandah, with a sloping terraced roof resting on three pointed arches. The corners of the roof of the main structure carry little fluted domes, and the masjid contains some perforated stone-work. The principal dome is ornamented at the base and top with lotus leaves, and has the elegant form and slender spire of the Mughal style.

Shree Jagdamba Devi, Mantha

Shree Jagdamba Devi, Mantha is located on hill near Mantha city and dedicated to Goddess Jagdamba. Many devotees visit the temple on Tuesday for blessing. A large fair is held on occasion of Navratri & Chaitra Pornima

Shri Datta Ashram, Satguru Nagar

Shri Datta Ashram is located in Satguru Nagar, on Nhava Road in Jalna. Shri Datta Ashram was established in the year 1994 on the auspicious day of 'Shri Ram Navmi' by Shri Tai Maharaj.

Guru Ganesh Bhavan, Jalna

Also known as Karnatak Kesari, Guru Ganesh Bhavan is an important religious place of the Jain community in Jalna city. The guashala is the largest one in the whole Marathwada region.

Nearby Places

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Other Important Tourist Information about Jalna

Best Time to Visit : September to February

How to Reach

Nearest Airport is at Aurangabad. Nearest railway station is Jalna. Jalna is well connected by road transport to other cities.

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