Mahabaleshwar, Satara

Also called as Queen of Hills, Mahabaleshwar is popular for its scenic views of green valleys, cascading waterfalls and pleasing environment. Located at just 240 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune with good connectivity, it is one of the most popular hill stations of India. The hill station has a numbers of scenic points for sightseeing, ancient temples, a lovely lake for boating and a number of places in the dense forest for horse riding and trekking. The popular tourist places in Mahabaleshwar are Venna Lake, Wilson Point, Arthur Point, Connaught peak, 3 Monkey Point, Needle Hole Point / Elephant Point, Kate Point, Pratapgad, Mandhardevi Kalubai Temple and Mahabaleshwar temple. Places of tourist interest around Mahabaleshwar are Panchgani, Pratapgad, Tapola, Wai, Koyana Sanctuary and many more. And not to forget strawberry farms and Mapro garden serving strawberry milkshakes and ice creams!

Tourist Places in Mahabaleshwar

Venna Lake

Surrounded by lush greenery, Venna Lake is prime attraction of Mahabaleshwar. The lake was built in 1842 by Raja Pratap Singh of Satara over 28 acres of land. Tourists can enjoy a boat rides over the lake by Venna Lake Boat Club (8.00 am to 8.00 pm) or a horse ride near the lake. The Mahabaleshwar local city market and ST bus stand is about 2 km from the lake and makes for a nice walk during the day.

Wilson Point, Mahabaleshwar

Wilson point is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar and named after Sir Leslie Wilson, then the Governor of Bombay. It is the point where both sunrise and sunset can be seen and 360 degree view of Mahabaleshwar is visible.

Arthur Point, Mahabaleshwar

The point was named after British officer Sir Arthur Malet who used to sit at this point and gazed at the Savitri River, where he lost his wife and children in a tragic ferry mishap. This is most popular point where the barren deep valley of Savitri river and surrounding green valley can be seen.

Connaught peak

Being second highest point of Mahabaleshwar, both sunrise and sunset can be seen. It also offers brilliant valley views.

3 Monkey Point

It is called as 3 Monkey point for its three the natural stone sculpture which looks like three monkeys sitting beside each other. This point is on the way to Arthur Seat Point.

Kate Point

Kate Point point provides fine view of Balakwadi and Dhom dam.

Baghdad Point

This point provides scenic view of Koyana dam and river Solshi.

Needle Hole Point / Elephant Point

Located near Kate's Point, Needle Hole point is named for its natural rock formation with a hole. The point is also famous for the view of Deccan traps, which look like an elephant's trunk.

Babington Point

Located at an altitude of 1294 m above sea level, Babington point offers beautiful view of surrounding nature landscapes. The place is rich with many species of plants and trees. The place is popular among nature lovers, trekkers and adventure lovers.

Wax Museum

Wax museum of Mahabaleshwar displays the items, statues and other showpieces made of wax. The uniqueness of the museum is that it displays many types of candles made by the visually impaired people. It is not just museum but inspirational milestones by Bhavesh Bhatia, founder/proprietor of Sunrise Candles and his wife Neeta. (More information:

Pratapgad, Mahabaleshwar (25 km from Mahabaleshwar)

Pratapgad is famous for the adventurous victory of Shivaji Maharaj over of Bijapuri Sardar Afzal khan. The important attractions on the fort are Tehalni Buruj (Watch Tower), Mahadarwaja, Rahat Lake, Bhavani Mandir, Cultural Library, Hanuman temple, Shivaji Maharaj statue, Tomb of Afzalkhan and Hastakala Kendra.

The fort complex is divided into two parts - the lower fort and upper fort. The upper fort was built upon the crest of roughly square, 180 m long on each side. It has several structures including a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev at the northwest of the fort. The lower part is located at the southeast of the fort, and is defended by towers and bastions ten to twelve metres high. Bhavani Mandir is on the eastern side of the lower fort. Afzal tower is said to have been constructed after the Battle of Pratapgad, and Afzal Khan's head is said to be buried under the tower. Cultural Library displays olden coins, dresses of people of those days and vintage paintings of Marathi-style. Hastakala Kendra is located on the way from Wada village to Pratapgad and it exhibits local handicraft for display and sale.

MTDC arranges bus trip from Mahabaleshwar for Pratapgad sightseeing. More Information

Pratap Garden, Mahabaleshwar

Dedicated to King Maharana Pratap the noble fighter, the garden is located in the Peth area and has kid play area and benches. The play area equipment is in good shape which entertains children.

Tiger Spring

Tiger spring is small natural spring water tank and said that tigers were to come to drink the water.

Panchgani, Satara (20 km from Mahabaleshwar)

Situated at the height of 1,334 m from sea level, Panchgani offers green landscapes which provides quite, serene and calm ambience away from the hustle bustle of city life. The infrastructure of hill station is well developed with water park and amusement facilities for all ages of tourists. Surrounded by five hills of Sahyadri, Panchgani is all time hill station accessible from Mumbai or Pune. Among the major attractions of Panchgani, Table land and Sherbaug Theme Park attracts most of the visitors for spectacular view, children activities and paragliding. Rajapuri Cave and its Karthikeya Mandir, Bhilar water fall and Parsi Point are nearby tourist spots in Panchgani. And Paragliding, Boating and Mapro Farm of strawberry are to spice up your vacation. More Information about Tourist Places in Panchgani.

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Mahabaleshwar

Koyna Wild Life Sanctuary

Koyana wildlife sanctuary covers Eastern and Western catchments of Koyana dam. The sanctuary is well protected by the large extent of Shivasagar reservoir and steep Slopes of Western Ghats on both the sides. The wildlife of the sanctuary includes tigers, panthers, gaurs, sloth bears, sambars, barking deer, mouse deer, dholes, giant squirrels, otters, langoors, pythons and cobras. The famous Vasota trek lies deep in the forests and is located at an elevation of 1,120 m (3,670 foot) above sea level.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Mahabaleshwar

Kamalgad fort, Vai

Also known as Bhelanja or Kattalgad, is a square hill fort in Wai close to the picturesque Mahabaleshwar. Surrounded by the waters of the Dhom Dam on three sides, the fort is ideal destination for trekking from Pune and Mumbai. The history of the fort is not known and was used by British for keeping prisoners. Not much to be seen on the fort but the surrounding view from the top is mind-blowing.

Tapola, Mahabaleshwar (25 km from Mahabaleshwar)

Tapola is called as “Mini Kashmir” of Mahabaleshwar for its natural scenic beauty. Trekking in dense forest of Tapola and forts like Vasota and Jaygad is very popular among adventure lovers. Shivasagar Lake is water reservoir spread over 90 km and ideal destinations for water sports like kayaking, water scooter rides, boating and swimming. Koyna Agro Tourism ( /, Nisarga Agro Tourism ( and Mahabaleshwar Agro Village ( organizes river camps and trekking tours with accommodation in this region.

Pilgrimages (Temples, Churches, Masjids, Gurudwara) in Mahabaleshwar

Wai Pilgrimages, Mahabaleshwar

Also known as Dakshin Kashi, Wai is well known for many temples located on the ghat of Krishna River. Among them, Dholya Ganapati Mandir is prime pilgrim. Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir, Wakeshwar, Bhadreshwar and Sonjai are other important temples. Wai is also famous for Hindi and Marathi film shootings. More Information

Mandhardevi Kalubai Temple, Mandhardev (Mahabaleshwar)

This 400 year old pilgrim is famous among locals for the annual Kalubai Jatra. More Information

Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mahabaleshwar

Lord Mahabaleshwar temple was built by Chandra Rao More during 16th century in Hemadpanthi style of architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the main shrine is said to be self-originated. This ancient temple is important pilgrimage centre from the period of Maratha rulers to present times as temple frequently visits by locals and tourist throughout the year. Atibaleshwar Temple is located next to Mahabaleshwar temple and built in south Indian style of architecture.More Information

Krishnabai Temple, Old Mahabaleshwar

Krishnabai Temple is located near Panchganga temple and said to be source of Krishna River. The temple has Shiva Linga and rock statue of Lord Krishna. The ancient temple has carved pillars and ceilings. The ancient temple is very less known and less visited. During rainy season, the rock structure with moss on it gets unique looks matching with surrounding greenery.

Catholic Church, Mahabaleshwar

Roman Catholic Church was built by British for Sunday worships and holy prayers. The old church holds its charm of that time and attracts many visitors.

Eating Spots in Mahabaleshwar

  • Hirkani Garden Restaurant, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road

  • Templeview Restaurant

  • Hotel Poonam, Poonam Chowk, Near Market Area

  • Sayali, ST stand

  • The Tandoor, Panchgani road

  • Laxmi Vilas Restaurant, Dr Sabane Road

  • Rajesh Restaurnat

  • Panorama, Market road

  • Ruchi Santosh, Market road

Shopping in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar is famous for strawberry, raspberries, jams, jellies, honey, chocolates, syrups, sauce and marmalades. Some of the shopping places in Mahabaleshwar are Mapro Garden, Imperial Store, Mahabaleshwar market, Bee farms. Mahabaleshwar Strawberry Festival held in the month of March/April and many programs like farm tours and cultural activities are organised.

Other Important Tourist Information about Mahabaleshwar

How to Reach

Nearest Airport is at Pune with 120 km. Nearest Railway Station is Satara with 55 km. MSRTC buses, private buses/vehicles are available from Mumbai/Pune/Kolhapur.

Private Car or taxis are available on hire within city. State transport buses are also available.

Best Period

October to June


18 km from Panchgani, 120 km from Pune, 126 km from Baramati, 165 km from Sangli, 182 km from Kolhapur, 285 km from Mumbai, 350 km from Aurangabad, 397 km from Nashik

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