Maharashtra Cuisine

Maharashtra Cuisine covers wide range of delicious dishes from mild to very spicy. The local cuisine has cultural and geographical influences. The cities like Mumbai and Pune offers mix of all Indian as well as International eateries. Other places like Kokan, Kolhapur has its own regional food specialities.

Various Sweet dishes form integral part of celebrations of regional festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Makar Sakranti, Diwali, Gudi Padva and many more.

Popular Snacks- Kanda Pohe, Misal Pav, Batata Wada, Upma, Thalipeet, Bakarwadi, Kanda Bhaji

Popular Sweets- Puran Poli, Ukdiche Modak, Karanji, Shevaya Kheer, Anarsa, Shrikhand, Amras,

Popular Main Food items- Zunka Bhakar, Coconut Rice, Thalipeeth, Wagyanche Bharit

Popular Non Veg Dishes- Vade Saguti, Pandhara Rasa, Tamda Rasa, Chicken Gavran

Popular Sea Food- Bombil dry, Surmai fry, Crab curry, Prawns Briyani

Region wise specialities of Maharashtrian Food


Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra, is a cosmopolitan city and so one can find almost all type of food here along international outlets. Be it Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Thai, Continental or any other, just wish it and have it. But don’t miss Bhelpuri/Sevpuri, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav and yes, Sea food.

Malvani Sea FoodMalvani Sea Food


Pune, historical city of the state has the influence of Brahmin and Maratha community. The popular cuisine of Pune includes Punei Misal, Joshi Vada, Chitale Shrikhand, Chitale Bhakarvadi, Thalipeet, and Puri Bhaji.


Mutton curry like Pandhara Rasa and Tambda Rasa of Kolhapur are quite popular in the state. Also Kolhapuri Missal, Kolhapuri Thecha, Kolhapuri Bhanag are also famous in this region.


The spicy food of Nagpur will spice your journey and also don’t forget Nagpur Orange Burfi and Haldiram Sancks.


The fresh and yummy sea food of Kokan is the delicious treat which cannot be missed. And if your are visiting in summer, the tasty Mango will sweeten your tour experiences.


The long Islamic Moghul rule in the region has strong influence on the cuisine of Aurangabad and is similar to Moghlai or Hyderabadi food, with its fragrant pulaos and biryanis.


The mix culture of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka resulted in mix of cuisine. Shengachi Poli, Khara Mutton, Jowar bread are regional food speciality.


Nashik, the pilgrimage destination of the state has various vegetarian specialities with mix of Maharashtrian and Gujarati/Punjabi influence.

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