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Malvan is famous attraction of Kokan region of Sindhudurg district, Maharashtra. This beautiful place offers many fantastic beaches like Tarkarli beach, Devbagh beach, Tondavali Beach and Chivala beach. Malvan forts, Rock garden, Dhamapur Lake are other attractions of the place. Water sports and Malvani Sea food cannot be missed. The best time to visit October to February.

Tourist Places in Malvan

Malvan Fort, Malvan

Malvan fort is a classic example of strategically architecture of Shivaji Maharaj to defeat the enemy. Surrounded by sea the fort is accessible through regular ferry boat service. Major attractions of the fort include palm and footprints of Shivaji Maharaj on dried lime, Shivrajeshwar Temple built by Rajaram, water reservoirs and architecture of the fort. More Information

Dhamapur Lake (16 km from Malvan)

Dhamapur Lake is most beautiful lake of Kokan region nested in dense green forest. The lake was built by King Nagesh Desai in 1530. It is spread over 5 acres of forest land and developed by Sindhudurg Forest Department. On bright sunny day, one can see the bottom of lake through clear crystal water. On the bank of the large lake, there is an ancient temple of Goddess Shri Bhagavati. The lake also has Children Park, nature centre, boating facility and tall tower to watch variety of birds.

Malvan Rock Garden (3 km from Malvan)

The tourism department has provided a beautiful Rock Garden just near Malvan (1km) which is famous as the unique of its kind in India. This rock garden is rich with colourful, decorative flower-trees and sea weed, attractive pathways, greeneries, beautiful pond, rare curtles, artificially created misty atmosphere and so on.

Devgad Fort (50 km from Malvan)

Devgad has derived its name from Devgad fort and was built in 1705 by Kanhoji Angre, 18th Century Maratha Navy Admiral. When fort was built the site was at the mouth of the creek and was surrounded from all the sides by water. It was thus known as Jazeere Devgad. The fort has lighthouse, windmill plateau, Ganesh Mandir and port. Panoramic view of sea and beautiful sunset is not to miss.

Beaches in Malvan

Achara Beach, Malvan (17 km from Malvan)

Achara beach is isolated and unspoiled beach. Surrounded by mangroves and coconut trees, the beach has pristine blue water and famous for dolphin watching. Other nearby attractions to Achara beach are Rameshwar temple dedicated to Shivalingam and 115 years old library. More Information

Tarkarli Beach, Malvan (6 km from Malvan)

Tarkarli beach is gem destination of Maharashtra tourism. It has its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters surrounded by suru trees. The beach has well developed MTDC resort and house boat facility. Snorkelling, Scuba diving, dolphin safari and water sports is also available. Adjacent Devbaug beach is less crowded than Tarkarli. More Information

Chivala Beach (3 km from Malvan)

Chivla beach is a small arc shaped beach with clean waters and white sand and is located just north of Tarkarli beach. The beach is ideal for those who want to stay close to the Malvan town. It is a very beautiful and captivating beach, keeping you occupied for most of your time.

Tondvali Beach (20 km from Malvan)

Tondavali Beach is secluded and long stretched beach with clean water and white sand. The beach is located 6 km from Tarkarli and 8 km from Achara beach. The beach is known for spotting dolphins even from sea shore. The twin islands Khot-Juva and Paan-khot Juva can be visited through fishermen boat in Kalaval creek. There is also Confluence point where Kalaval creek meets Arabian Sea. Other attractions near the beach are Shri Vagheshwar temple and Shri Datta Mandir located in Tondavali village. India's first Oceanarium is planned by state government to boost tourism in this region. More Information

Devbag Beach, Malvan (4 km from Malvan)

Devbagh beach is located between Tarkarli beach and Devbagh Sangam in Devbagh fishing village. Devbagh Sangam is a confluence of the Karli River and Arabian Sea. It is an extremely beautiful and striking place where one can enjoy the silence of the Karli River Backwaters on one side and the roaring high waves of the Arabian Sea on the other side. This scenic beach is known for beautiful Sunrise and Sunset. The beach is ideal for those who want to avoid crowd like at Tarkarli beach and enjoy peacefully fabulous beach.

Devbag beach Malvan Tourist Places

Kunkeshwar Beach, Malvan (45 km from Malvan)

Kunkeshwar beach is clean and beautiful beach and also dolphins can be spotted from the beach. More Information

Tsunami Island (2 km from Malvan)

Tsunami Island is popular place of all the water sports activities in Malvan. The island is located in the backwaters of Karli River and formed in 2004 due to tsunami in Arabian Sea. All the water rides like jet skis, para sailing, banana & bumper rides are available here.

Malvan Scuba Diving

MTDC arranges scuba programs like Guided Snorkelling Trips, Pro Snorkelling Trips, Discover Scuba, Open Water Diver, Advance Open Water Rescue Diver, and Dive Master through locals trained by them. MTDC identified the region near Sindhudurg fort abundant with coral reefs as the primary site for snorkelling and scuba diving. The suitability of the course depends upon level of scuba certification and experience. More information contact- Mr. Subodh Kinalekar, (Manager Adventure Sports) –02365- 22024483, Manager Tarkali - 02365-252390.

Karli Back Waters

One of the star attractions of Malvan is Karli back waters. It is best beautiful scène where Karli river meets the Arabian Sea. The boat ride starts from the creek and takes your through Tsunami Island, stunning sights of sea forests and sometimes Dolphin jumps.

Pilgrimages (Temples, Churches, Masjids, Gurudwara) in Malvan

Jay Ganesh Temple, Malvan

Jay Ganesh Temple in Malvan is built by well-known astrologer Jayantrao Salgaonkar is worth to visit. Malvan is also famous for malvani sea food and local malvani products. More Information

Vetoba Temple, Aravali (4 km from Malvan)

Vetoba temple is dedicated to Vetoba, God of Ghosts. On annual fair, devotees offer Vetoba a pair of sandals and bunch of bananas.

Aangnechi Wadi (10 km from Malvan)

Aangnechi Wadi, also known as Anganewadi, derives its name from the local community called Angane. Masure village is famous for the Bharadi Devi Temple, where an annual fair is organised in the month of February. The main deity of the temple is known for her Navas or wish-fulfilling power.

On the day of the fair, the stone plaque is adorned by mask, ornaments and apparels. The village barber then stands outside the temple and after sunrise releases reflected sunrays over the sacred plaque. One female member from each family joins in the mass cooking. A food thus prepared is offered as ‘Prasad’. This event is known as ‘Taate Lawane (To serve the dishes)’ in Malvani. The event marks the end of the first day of the fair.

On the next day, rituals restart at 4 am and continue till the afternoon. The day is called ‘Mode Jatra (End of fair)’. Though the fair thus officially lasts one and a half days, entertainment programs like music and dramas continue for the next four to five days.

Inamdar Shree Dev Rameshwar Sansthan at Rameshwar Mandir, Achara (25 km from Malvan)

Rameshwar Temple is dedicated to Shri Dev Rameshwar (Lord Shiva) and Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur gave this Inam (village) to Lord Shiva. The temple was built in 17th century with grand architecture.

Main Utsav of Ramnavami begins on Gudi Padva in the month of April with the arrival of ‘Shree Raghupati” idol from Kanvinde Wada at 11 am followed by Panchang Vachan and Raghupati Sthapana. Thousands of devotees every year arrive at Rameshwar Mandir, Achara to celebrate Ram Janma and join the processions in the honour of Shree Rameshwar.

Kunkeshwar Temple, Devgad (40 km from Malvan)

Kunkeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and situated on beautiful bank of Arabian Sea. This amazing place is also known as Kokan Kashi and attracts many devotees every year on occasion of Shivratri. The ancient temple was built by Yadav kings and also renovated by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The temple is built in South Indian style of architecture with marvellous carvings. Another attraction of the place is 5 km from stunning Kunkeshwar beach.

Bhagwati temple, Dhamapur (15 km from Malvan)

Bhagwati temple is located on Malvan-Kudal road besides famous Dhamapur Lake. The beautiful temple is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati and surrounding scenic environment of Dhamapur Lake is added attraction.

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Eating Spots in Malvan

Ø Atithi Bamboo, Malvan (9423304327)

Atithi Bamboo is famous malvani restaurant located in Malvan known for fresh and yummy seafood. It is better to order seafood thali which comes with roti, rice, fried fish, fish curry and solkadi. More Information.

Ø Chaitanya, Malvan (02365-242172)

Located near Malvan bus depot, Chaitanya is popular for authentic malvani cuisine. Nearby Malvan bazar makes the restaurant always busy place. The clean ambience a/c section and helpful staff ensures the hotel better than other local restaurants. More Information.

Ø Swami Family Restaurant, Malvan (094225 66566)

Located near Mama Varekar theatre, Swami Family restaurant is well-known for yummy and mouth-watering local dishes. The cleanliness and good atmosphere attracts more tourists.

Ø Only Fish, Malvan (, 091 - 9423302549 / 9765205249)

Only Fish is positioned near Malvan jetty to reach Malvan fort and offers different varieties of local fish dishes.

Ø Ocean’s Paradise (094216 30450)

Ocean’s Paradise is placed at Chiwala beach, Malvan and popular for non-veg dishes. It also offers fantastic beach view while you are enjoying food.

Malvan Eating Places Malvan Tourist Places Malvan Toursim Guide

Shopping in Malvan

Ø Malvan Bazar, Sindhudurg

Malvan market is good spot for buying local malvani products like cashew, mango pulp, jackfruit pulp, malvani masala etc.

Malvan fish market is held on every morning and evening on Malvan beach. It is worth of try for experiencing different experience.

Other Important Tourist Information about Malvan

How to Reach Malvan

By Air: Nearest airport is Dabolim (Goa) with 130 km and travel time of around 3 hours by road.

By Rail:

Kudal on the Konkan Railway. This is around 1 hour by road from Malvan with 30 km. Buses are available from and to Malvan after every 30 minutes. Frequency is slow in the evening.

Kankavli on the Konkan Railway. This is around 1 hour 15 minutes by road from Malvan with 48 km. Buses are available from and to Malvan after every 30 minutes. Frequency is slow in the evening.

Sawantwadi, but all trains don't stop there and also connectivity by means of bus and rickshaw are not very good.

By Road: Malvan is easily accessible from private and state transport buses from major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. For local transport, ST buses and rikshaws are available.

Mumbai to Malvan with 480 km, Pune to Malvan with 400 km, Kolhapur to Malvan with 160 km, Panjim to Malvan with 110 km, Belgaum to Malvan with 150 km.

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