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Parbhani is known as the land of saints for its associations with several saints like saint Namdeo from Narsi, Janabai from Gangakhed. Also, the famous mathematician Bhaskarbhatt was from Bori in Parbhani district. Many popular temples of Parbhani are built on the banks of River Godavari. The tourist places of Parbhani are Gangakhed, Pathri, Shri Kshetra Nemgiri, Pokharni, Mudgaleshwar (Mudgal) Temple, Yeldari Dam, Pardeshwar Temple, Tridhara, Ashtabhuja Mata Mandir, Peda Hanuman Mandir and many more.

Tourist Places / Religious Places in Parbhani

Gangakhed, Osmanabad

Situated on the banks of Godavari River, Gangakhed is birth place of Shree Saint Janabai. Apart from Janabai Mandir, there are many famous temples like Shree Balaji temple, Datta Dham, Shree Mannat Mandir, Chintamani Mandir, Shani Mandir, Shree Balaji temple are located on the banks of river Godavari.

Yeldari Dam

Yeldari Dam is an earth fill dam built on Purna River near Yeldari for irrigation and hydroelectricity generation. The boating facility is also available on the lake. The 16th century Vishnu temple is located with 25 km from dam. The temple was built by the Kings of Vijaynagar Empire and located amidst greenery. The place is ideal picnic spot to spend weekend in lush greenery and peaceful environment.

Shirdi Saibaba Janmshtan Mandir, Pathri (Parbhani)

Pathri is famous for birth place of Sai Baba and also place where Sai Baba met and stayed with his spiritual guru. It has Shirdi Saibaba Janmshtan Mandir located in Selu town.

Shri Kshetra Nemgiri Sansthan, Jintur

The hills of Nemgiri and Chandragiri are famous for their ancient artistic & miraculous Jain Cave Temples & Chaityalayas. The idol of Lord Parshvanath, which appears to be miraculously adjourned in the air three inches above the ground on a very small stone that can be barely seen, is one of the major attractions. The swinging stone pillar and the ancient kund at Charthana, are other attractions of excellent architecture in Jintur.

Shri Narsingh Sansthan, Pokharni

Shri Narsingh Sansthan Pokharni is situated on the bank of the Indrayani River in Godavari Valley known as Dandkaranya and famous all over Maharashtra. It is one of the few temples of Lord Narsimha in Maharastra state. The lord's Idol is made of the sand stone and fixed on the plinth. The temple is 1000 years old built in Hemadpanthi style.

Shri Yoganand Saraswati Swami Maharaj Sansthan, Gunj (

Shri Yoganand Maharaj took Sanjeevan Samadhi on the banks of River Godavari at Gunj where the temple has been built in his memory. Many followers visit the temple daily.

Datta Temple, Gunj (52 km from Parbhani)

Gunj Khurd is a village in Pathri Taluka in Parbhani District and famous for the Lord Dattatraya temple. Datta temple is located at 14 km from Pathari.

Mudgaleshwar (Mudgal) Temple (40 km from Parbhani)

Mudgal is a village in Pathri Taluka in Parbhani District and known for Shiva temple and Ganesh temple. Shiva Tempple is dedicated God Mudgaleshwar and onlyplace in India where Vishnu (Mudgal Narsimha) and Shiva (Mudgaleshwar) are worshiped together.

Tridhara (12 km from Parbhani)

Tridhara is the place of confluence of three rivers Purna, Dudhna and Kapra.

Mrityunjaya Pardeshwar Temple (Mercury Shivlinga)

Pardeshwar Temple is built of marble by Sri Swami Sachchidandji Saraswati. The huge temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva with 80 foot of height. The uniqueness of the temple is that main shrine Shivlinga is made of 250 kg of Parad (Mercury) and one of the largest Shivlinga of India. This shivlingam made of Parad is called as Tejoling and has equal religious importance of Twelve Jyotirlinga.

Shree Ashtabhuja Mata Mandir

Shree Ashtabhuja Mata Mandir is one of the important Hindu religious places of Parbhani and many devotees visit the temple daily for blessing. Navratri is main festival of the temple celebrated in the month of September/October.

Shri Peda Hanuman Mandir

Shri Peda Hanuman Mandir is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and located near Parbhani railway station. The devotees offer Peda to Hanumanji so the temple is called as Peda Hanuman Mandir. Many festivals such as Hanuman Jayanti, Ram Navami, Shri Krisha Jayanti and other Hindu festivals are celebrated by the temple.

Shah Turabul Haq (Turatpir) Dargah, Parbhani

Shah Turabul Haq (Turatpir ) Dargah consists of the tomb of Hazrat Turabal Haq Shah, a Muslim saint who spent the last days of his life. The Dargah is famous for Urus (fair) where people of all religions come together and celebrate for a week in the month of February.

Nearby Places

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Eating Spots in Parbhani

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Other Important Tourist Information about Parbhani

How to Reach Parbhani:

Nearest airport is at Aurangabad with 160 km and nearest railway station is Parbhani. It is well connected by road transport to other cities.

Best Time to Visit Parbhani: October to February

Parbhani District Website :

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