Raigad Tourist Places

Raigad Fort, Raigad

(30 km from Mahad, 40 km from Vir Dasgaon, 136 km from Pune, 174 km from Mumbai, 127 km from Karjat, 136 km from Satara.)

Once capital of Shivaji Maharajah, this magnificent fort had witnessed important historical events of Maratha Empire. This was the fort where Shivaji Maharajah crowned himself and taken his last breath. Fort is also popular for surrounding beauty and trekking. Ropeway facility is also available for children and old persons.

Major attractions of the fort includes

· Samadhi of Shivaji Maharajah and his dog, Waghya

· Takmak Tok where sentenced prisoners thrown down

· Market Place and Nagarkhana

· Mahadarwaja (Main Gate of the fort), Mena Darwaza for Royal Ladies, Palakhi Darwaza for the King.

· Jagadishwar Temple

· Statue of Shivaji Maharajah and Darbar place

· Ganga Sagar Lake

· Hirkani Buruj named after woman Hirkani who stepped down the fort from Hirkani Buruj after closing of the door of fort for her child.

Shiv Rajyabhishek (Coronation) Ceremony is held on 6th June every year with full joy and enthusiasm.

State Transport Buses are available from Mahad to Pachad village which is at the base of Raigad fort. Ropeway facility is also available if you cannot climb the steps. Nearest Railway Station is Vir Dasgaon with 40km. Accommodation facility is available on the fort. For accommodation on fort and ropeway check

Shivtharghal, Raigad

Shivthar Ghal is a cave of Sacred abode of Swami Ramdas near Barasgaon, Raigad. It is located about 34 km from Mahad and 43 km from Raigad. It is said that Samarth Ramdas lived here for about 22 years. It is believed that this is where the first meeting between Shivaji Maharaj and Samarth Ramdas took place. The place includes the actual cave under the waterfall, Ramdas Swami temple and accommodation. Shivthar Ghal Sundarmath Seva Samiti organizes various programs at the temple.

Raigad Fort View

Alibaug Beaches

Alibaug is coastal town located around 100 km from Mumbai and 145 km from Pune. Alibaug host many beautiful beaches which attracts many tourists on weekend. The major beaches of Alibaug include Nagaon beach, Alibaug beach, Kashid beach, Akshi beach, Kihim beach and many more.

Located on Alibaug-Revdanda road, Akshi Beach is small and quiet beach with suru trees on coast side. Auto rickshaws and Cabs are available from Alibaug for the beach. No Water Sports are available.

Alibaug beach is most famous and always crowded beach with tourists and food stalls. The Kolaba fort is located just across the Alibaug beach and can be visited during low tides. Water sports such as parasailing, banana ride, jet sky ride and bumper tube ride, snacks stalls, horse rides are available.

Kashid beach is famous for white sand surrounded by greenery, blue water, water sports and also sea food. The beach is also famous for film and model shooting. MSRTC buses from Alibaug city are available for Murud which halt at Kashid village.

Kihim Beach is famous for its long calm and soft fine sand surrounded by greenery. MTDC tent facility is available on the beach. During the month of Shravan, self-originated shiv ling appears on the beach. Auto rickshaws and Cabs are available from Alibaug for the beach. Banana Ride, Jetskii Ride, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Ride are available. It is located in the hills with 3 km from Kihim beach. Kankeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has other small temples. Mahashivratri is main festival in month of February/ March.

Mandwa beach is beautiful beach has groves of coconut trees and many celebrities have bungalows here. Auto rickshaws and Cabs are available from Alibaug for the beach.

Nagaon Beach is unique beach famous for its calm and quiet water, clean sand. Surrounded by suru, coconuts and betel trees, the beach gives a soothing experience. Nagaon beach is more popular for water sports compared to other beaches. Parasailing, banana ride, jet sky ride and bumper tube ride, snacks stalls, Horse rides are available on the beach.

Revdanda beach is isolated beach and has black sand which makes its unique. Nearby fort Korlai is in ruin but beautiful view can be seen from the lighthouse. Water sports such as Banana Ride, Jetskii Ride, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Dolphin Safari, Fishing Safari such as are available. Famous Ganesh Mandir Built by Vikram Birla Group on beautiful Temple is located on Revdanda Beach

Saswane Beach is clean and safe beach where beautiful sunset can be viewed. Nearby Karmarkar Sculpture Museum is located at Saswane and where more than 150 sculptures by late Mr Karmarkar are on display. Karmarkar Museum displays exquisite sculptures from the renowned sculptor Padmashri V.P. Karmarkar. The museum is located in Sasavne which is about 18 km from Alibag Bus Depot.

Thal Beach is clean and quiet beach where nearby Khanderi and Underi fort can be seen. Auto rickshaws and Cabs are available from Alibaug for the beach.

Varsoli Beach is quiet, white sand and less visited beach. The beach is at walkable distance from Alibaug and autorikshaws are available from Alibaug.

Alibaug beaches in Raigad

Birla Ganesh Temple, Alibag

(Timings: 6.00 am to 11.30 pm, 4.30 pm to 9.00 pm, 20 km from Alibaug, 85 km from Panvel, 50 km from Roha)

Birla Ganesh Temple is located on a hill top in Salav village on Roha road. The temple was built by Vikram Ispat Company (a part of Birla group) in pure while marble. The temple has marble floors and the hall of the temple is open from all sides. The main idol of the temple is Lord Ganpati with idols of Riddhi and Siddhi.

Ferries to Alibaug are available from Gate Way of India via Mandwa jetty and 'Bhaucha Dhakka'.The nearest airport to Alibaug is Mumbai airport with 140 km. The nearest railway stations to Alibaug are Roha with 37 km and Panvel with 47 km. MSRTC buses and private buses are available from other major cities.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary, Alibag

While going from Kashid to Murud, the Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited. It is ideal for bird watching and nature trails. Leopard, Hyena, Jungle cat, Palm civet, Sambhar, Barking deer, Bonnet Macaque, Wild boar and Malabar giant squirrel are major animals of the sanctuary.

Murud Janjira Fort, Nawab Palace and Murud Beach

(55 km from Alibaug, 155 km from Mumbai, 187 km from Pune, 147 km from Ratnagiri, 227 km from Kolhapur)

Janjira is one of the strongest marine fort and approachable by sailboats from Rajapuri jetty. The fort has many rounded canons, two sweet water lake and ruined palace. Padmadurg fort also can be seen from this fort.

Nawab Palace was built in Mughal style of architecture by the Nawab of Janjira in 1885. Situated on entrance of the city and can be seen from outside.

Murud beach is one of longest and beautiful beach of Kokan coastal and has good accommodation facilities near the beach. Also don't miss malvani sea food. Ancient Durga Devi temple in the town is also worth to visit.

Murud Janjira Tourist Places

Matheran Hill Station

Lush greenery, serene ambience and unpolluted environment of Matheran attract lakhs of tourists every year. Matheran is cool weekend gateway from Mumbai, Pune and Surat. It located around 90 km from Mumbai, 120 km from Pune and about 320 km from Surat. Matheran was discovered in the year 1850 by Hugh Poyntz Malet, who was district collector of Thane district and Lord Elphinstone, the then Governor of Bombay laid the initiatives for the development of the hill station. It is one of the smallest eco sensitive hill stations of India. The hill station located on the range of Western Ghats at height of 800 m (2625 Feet) above sea level in Raigad District of Maharashtra. It is an eco-sensitive region, declared by Government of India and one of such places in the world where vehicles are not allowed. It has more than 35 points to enjoy the splendid view of green valley and surrounding pleasing nature.

The hill station has more than 25 points, 2 lakes, 2 parks, 4 temples and it takes about 2–3 days on feet for a complete adventure. Important tourist places of Matheran are Alexander Point., Rambag Point, Little Chowk Point, Big Chowk Point, One Tree Hill Point, Belvedere Point, Olympia Race Course, Lords Point, Charlotte Lake, Pisharnath Mahadev Mandir, Celia Point, Echo Point., Porcupine Point, Panorama Point, Khandala Point, Madhavji Garden & Point, Matheran Railway Station, Louisa Point, Mayra Point and Pisarnath Temple. For detailed information, please check here .

Matheran Hill Station in Raigad

Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Karnala Fort, Panvel, Raigad

Situated on Mumbai Goa Highway, Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Fort is popular for nature trails and trekking. The best time to watch migratory birds is October to April. Necessary care should be while trekking on Karnala fort as many incidents happened in the past. More Information

For Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Raigad, check here .

Ballaleshwar Ganpati, Pali

(Timings: 5.00 am to 10.30 pm, 120 km from Pune via Khopoli on Mumbai Pune Highway, 108 km from Mumbai via Vakan on Mumbai Goa Highway, Nearest Railway Station-Nagothane with 13 km from Pali,

Shri Ballaleshwar idol of three feet height is mounted on the throne of the wooden temple. The temple has a big bell which was offered by Peshwa Chimaji Appa after defeating Portuguese. Sudhagad is situated on east of Pali (11 km) and is popular among trekkers. Bhadrapadi utsav and Maghi utsav festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm.

State Transport (S.T.) between Mumbai Central and Kokan and can get down at Vakan. From Vakan, local transport is available for Pali. Mumbai and Thane bus facility is available to reach Pali. Direct from Pune S.T. facility is available to reach Pali. Nearest railway stations are Khopoli, Karjat but Nagothane is more convenient with 13 km s away from temple.

Hari Hara Temple, Hari Hareshwar

Situated on between Bankot and Shrivardhan creek, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and also known as Dakshin Kashi. Extra care needs to be taken if you are visiting sea side of the temple. Peshwa Smrak is also nearby to the temple. More Information

Harihareshwar Beach, Raigad

(170 km from Pune, 200 km from Mumbai, 350 km from Kolhapur)

Nested in the mountains, Harihareshwar is black sand virgin beach. Famous Harihareshwar temple is dedicated to Kalbhariav and believed that it was renovated by First Bajirao Peshwa. Swimming in the beach is not recommended. Don't miss delicious kokanee sea food at Harihareshwar. Nearest Railway Station is Mangaon with 57 km. MSRTC buses, private buses/vehicles are available from Mumbai/Pune. Limited water sports like water scooter and speed boat are available.

Kondvil Beach, Shrivardhan

(5 km from Shrivardhan, 170 km from Pune, 200 km from Mumbai, 350 km from Kolhapur)

This long stretched beach is ideal destination for water sports. White Sand beach of Shrivardhan is clean and beautiful nested in greenery. Nearby attractions around the beach includes Laxminaryan temple, Bhairav temple, Jivaneshwar temple and Kusumdevi Temple. Nearest Railway Station is Mangaon with 49 km. MSRTC buses, private buses/vehicles are available from Mumbai/Pune. Parasailing, Banana ride, ATV ride, Horse ride, Camel ride etc. are available on the beach.

Diveagar Beach, Shrivardhan

(19 km from Shrivardhan, 34 km from Harihareshwar, 170 km from Pune, 200 km from Mumbai, 350 km from Kolhapur)

This long stretched beach is less crowded and ideal for cool and quiet destination. Nearby attractions of the beach includes Murud Janjira and Ganesh temple. Water sports like Parasailing, Banana ride, ATV ride, Horse ride, Camel ride are available.

Nearest Railway Station is Mangaon with 46 km. MSRTC buses, private buses/vehicles are available from Mumbai/Pune.

Varadvinayak temple, Khopoli

The idol of Varadvinayak is self-originated and found in adjoining lake. The temple has a lamp which is continuously glowing for more than 100 years. More Information

Water Parks and Amusement Centres in Raigad, check here .

Adventure Tourism and Adventure Activities in Raigad, check here .

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