Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) Tourism Guide

Ratnagiri is located in between Goa on the south side and Mumbai on north side along the Konkan coast endowed with floral and faunal biodiversity. It is popular weekend spot from nearby cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur and Belgaum. It is known for famous temples, historical forts and beautiful beaches. The beaches such as Ganpatipule beach, Mandvi beach, Pawas beach, Malgund beach attract thousands of tourists throughout the year. The region has its own specialty of local fruits like World famous Hapus mango, Konkam, Jackfruit, Cashew Nuts, Jambulam, Karvandas etc. Ratnagiri is also famous for local kokani cuisine sea food featuring signature dishes like masala pomfret, Vade Saguti and fried prawns.

Ratnagiri Tourist Places Ratnagiri Tourism Guide

Tourist Places in Ratnagiri

Ratnadurga and Bhagvati Devi Temple, Ratnagiri (5 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Ratnadurga fort was constructed during the rule of Bahamanee. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort from Adilshah in the year 1670. In the year 1818, the fort was captured by the British from Peshwa. The fort is surrounded by three sides and has strong fortifications from south east to west side. The fort has Hanumanji temple at the entrance gate and on upper side of fort temple of Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanumnaji. At the middle the fort complex, Bhagvati temple of Goddess Bhagvati is located and it attracts many devotees during the year, especially during Navratri festival. The fort has many bastions and lighthouse is structured on the Siddha bastion. The sunset view from the fort is worth of watching.

Thibaw Palace, Ratnagiri (Timings: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Closed on Monday, 5 km from Ratnagiri city)

Thibaw Palace was built by British for the King and Queen of Burma who were exiled. The palace has three storied architecture with semi-circular windows curving. Here is good sunset point. More Information

Tilak Museum, (Timings: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, 1 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Tilak Museum is the ancestral house and birthplace of Shri Lokamanya Balgangadhar Tilak, a prominent freedom fighter of India. The building structure is local Kokani style of architecture and currently maintained by the Archaeological Department of India. The personal belongings, pictures of Lokamanya Tilak are placed on display for visitors. The statue of Lokamanya is structured in front of the house.

Ratnagiri Marine Museum, Ratnagiri (2 Km away from Ratnagiri Bus stand)

Marine Biological Research Station has developed fisheries aquarium under the Department of Fisheries of Maharashtra Government. The museum has more than 1000 species of fishes, crustaceans, molluscs and huge skeleton of whale. The Aquarium and Museum is located in Ratnagiri Municipal (in) area on west side of Ratnagiri city on Ratnagiri – Bhagwati Mandir Road and adjacent to Mandavi Beach More Information

Yashwantgad, Rajapur (55 km from Ratnagiri)

This huge fort has many bastions in good condition and it is ideal spot for trekking from Rajapur. More Information

Jaigad Fort and Karhateshwar Mandir, Ratnagiri (8.00 am to 7.00 pm, Sunday closed, 45 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

The 17th century Jaigad fort is coastal fort nestled on a cliff, overlooking a bay formed where the river meet Arbian sea. The fort is now in ruined condition but offers beautiful surrounding sea view from lighthouse which closes at 5.30 in the evening.

Karhateshwar Mandir is located in Nandiwade village near the coastline with 4 to 5 km from Jaigad and closed in the night. The mail idol of the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and structure of the temple has wooden structure. It also has spring water which is stored in two small tanks for bathing purpose. Nearby Nandivase beach is worth to visit.

Ganpatipule (26 km from Ratnagiri)

Ganpatipule is temple town of Ratnagiri district. This coastal town is famous for weekend destination for its clean beach nested among coconut trees and mangrove plantation. Major tourist attractions of Ganpatipule are Ganpatipule temple, Ganpatipule beach, Prachin Konkan Museum, Keshavsut Smarak, Malgund beaches and many more. For more information check, Ganpatipule Tourist Places.

Purnagad Fort (25 km from Ratnagiri)

Located near Purnagad village, Purnagad fort is small fort with two doors and its strong bastions. The complex also Lord Hanumanji temple and the well. The fort was said to be built during the Maratha Empire. Pictures of Moon, Sun and Lord Ganeshji are carved onto the main entrance door. From the top of the fort, one can see fantastic view of Arabian sea.

Shiv Shrusti, Dervan (Ratnagiri ) (Timings: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, 80 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Built by Social Worker Sitarambuva Walavalkar, museum is tribute to Shivaji Maharaj and it exhibits pictures and statues on life events of Shivaji Maharaj. More Information

Beaches in Ratnagiri

Mandvi Beach, Ratnagiri

Mandvi beach is one of the popular beaches of Ratnagiri. The beach is spread from Ratnadurga fort to Rajiwada port. This black sand beach is also called as gateway of Ratnagiri. There is bridge road to go deeper into the sea.

Bhatye beach, Ratnagiri (3 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Situated closed to Ratnagiri city, this calm beach has bluish water, long silvery sands surrounded by suru trees makes romantic place. It is also famous for chats especially coconut aloo chats. More Information

Ganpatipule Beach, Ratnagiri (23 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Ganpatipule beach is one of the spectacular beaches on Kokan coastal and one of famous weekend spot for family picnics. Even though the beach is clean and calm, necessary care should be taken during high tide. Ganpatipule Temple is 400 years old beautiful temple and is situated on Ganpatipule beach facing west side. The idol of Shri Ganesha is said to be self-originated from the soil. More Information

Aare - Ware Twin Beaches (15 km from Ganpatipule)

This twin beaches are located Ganpatipule-Ratnagiri road with one kilometre distance from each other. The beaches are isolated with white sand and suitable for peaceful time spending.

Ganeshgule Beach (25 km from Ratnagiri city)

Ganeshgule beach is untouched and peaceful beach situated outskirts of Ratnagiri city. Lined by coconut tree on one side, beach is ideal place to spend the leisure time in a calm and quite ambience. Blue clean water and silvery sand makes the beach more beautiful. Ganeshgule temple is located on a hill near the beach.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Ratnagiri

Mahimatgad, Khed (140 km from Ratnagiri)

Mahipatgad is a hill fort situated on the east of the Khed, near Kundi village on south west border of Chandoli Wildlife Sanctuary. Mahipatgad, Suamargad and Rasalgad are situated on a same spur 8 km long, which runs parallel to the Western Ghats. This fort was built by Adilshah of Bijapur in 15th century and later captured by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort complex covers six gateways, six battlement, two large well and two temples. The surrounding forest is known for medical plant research and Great Pied Hornbill conservation project. The trek is popular for jungle wilderness and nature trails.

Sumargad, Ratnagiri (19 km from Khed)

Located amidst dense forest, Sumargad lies in between the forts, Rasalgad and Mahipatgad.

The fort is known for difficult route trek due to surrounding jungle and less visited by trekkers. This small fort has a cave with Shivlinga. From the top of fort Mahipatgad, Rasalgad, Chakdev and Parvatgad are seen

Cultural & Art galleries in Ratnagiri

Prachin Konkan Museum, Malgund (Timings: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm,, 25 km from Ganpatipule)

Prachin Kokan Museum is open air museum which depicts the cultural and religious aspects of Kokan region. The museum has also a store of Kokan handicrafts and local products. More Information

Pilgrimages / Famous Temples, in Ratnagiri

Shri Dev Bhairav Temple, Ratnagiri (3 km from Ratnagiri bus stand)

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Shri Dev Bhairav Temple and Lord Vitthal temple is constructed by Gujjar family members of Rajasthan who settled in Ratnagiri. Dev Bhairav is a prime God for the people of Rajasthan state. This God is known by two names in Rajasthan as Kalbhairav and Gorabhairav. The temple celebrates many festivals and people of all religion takes part in the festival.

Swami Swaroopanand Temple, Pawas (18 km from Ratnagiri)

This is spiritual place where Swami Swaroopanand stayed for long period and taken Samadhi on August 15, 1974. The Niwas of Swami is nicely preserved by the Trustee of Swami Swaroopanand Sewamandal. Sewamandal has also published many books on life and spiritual thoughts of Swamiji. The temple complex include Swamiji’s temple, Dhyangumpha, Bhakt Niwas.

Ganpatipule Temple (25 km from Ganpatipule)

Ganpatipule Temple is 400 years old beautiful temple and is situated on Ganpatipule beach facing west side. The idol of Shri Ganesha is said to be self-originated from the soil. More Information

Marleshwar Temple, Sangameshwar (Timings: 7.00 am to 7.00 pm, 65 km from Ratnagiri)

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, cave temple is situated in green valley in Marleshwar temple. You may find some snakes around the caves but no person has died because of snake bite. Dhareshwar Waterfall is stunning scene around the temple and refreshing point before visiting the temple. More Information

Parashuram Temple, Chiplun (Timings: 6.00 am to 9.00 pm, 65 km from Ratnagiri)

Located to Chiplun Railway Station, this ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Parashuram who is said to be the creator of Kokan. Temple is made of local stone jambha and idols are made of black stones. More Information

Kanakaditya Temple, Kasheli (30 km from Ratnagiri)

Dedicated to Lord Sun, this ancient temple is located in beautiful village of Kasheli. It is believed that the idol of Sun God is brought from Gujarat and it is one of few Sun temples in India. Other than Sun temple, there are also temples such as Mahakali temple, Saraswati temple and Mahalaxmi temple. More Information

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Eating Spots in Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri Tourism Guide Ratnagiri Tourist Places

Ø Amantran restaurant, Ratnagiri (Famous for Seafood and local non veg dishes)

Gandhi Petrol Pump, Juna mal Naka, Sanmitra Nagar, Ratnagiri,

Ø Gopal Restaurant, Ratnagiri (Famous for Seafood and local non veg/veg dishes)

National Highway 204, Ratnagiri

Ø Lajjat Restaurant (Hotel Vivek), Ratnagiri (Local Tasty Seafood and Vegetarian dishes)

Ø Helkar Sweets (Famous for Sweets specially Kohale pak)

Ø Mithila Restaurant, (For Local vegetarian dishes)

Maruti Mandir, Ratnagiri

Shopping in Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri is popular for Kokani products like mango pulp, ambapoli, phanaspoli, cashew nuts, kokam sarbat, and handmade decoration items.

Other Important Tourist Information about Ratnagiri

How to Reach Ratnagiri

Nearest airport is at Belgaum with 260 km and Pune airport with 300 km. nearest railway station is Ratnagiri (RN) railway station where most of the trains on Kokan railway route halt. Ratnagiri is well connected by road transport and private as well as state transport buses from Mumbai/Pune/Kolhapur/Belgaum are available.

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