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Sangli District is located in the western part of Maharashtra in the river basins of the Warna and Krishna rivers. The important places of Sangli are Dandoba, Sagareshwar Sanctuary, Chandoli national park, Tasgaon Ganesh temple, Narsobachi Wadi, Audumbar, Battis Shirala, Kundal, Khwaja Meera Saheb Dargah, Khidrapur Temple, Ramaling Temple and many others.

Hill Station in Sangli

Dandoba, Sangli

Located on Miraj Pandharpur road, Dandoba hill station is just half an hour journey from Sangli. This is a natural place to spend time in greenery and away from the hectic city life of Sangli, Miraj or Kolhapur. The forest reserve of hill station has variety of plant species and some wild animals. The ancient temples like Mahadev Cave temple are also worth of visit. One can try water sports available at Bhose Irrigation Lake. Every year a mini marathon race is held from Sangli city up to Dandoba Hill Station. More Information

Wildlife and Nature Trails in Sangli

Sagareshwar Wildlife sanctuary, Sangli

Named after Sagareshwar Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is artificial sanctuary situated on the banks of river Krishna. There are no major carnivorous species like tiger and panther in the Sanctuary but small carnivore such as deer, sambar, wild boar, peacocks, chital, etc. There are also ancient temples among which the Kamal Bhairao temple is more popular and is partially hewn from hard Basalt rock. More Information

Chandoli National Park (125 km from Sangli)

Spread over 317.67 km of forest, Chandoli National Park along with Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary forms the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve. The park is habitant to around 23 types of wild species including tiger, gaur, deer, leopard, panthers, sloath beers, deer and many others.

Also 122 species of birds, 20 species of amphibians and reptiles are known to be resident in the forests of Chandoli. Scenic spots like Kandhardoh Falls, Tanali falls, Vasant Sagar Reservoir and historic sites like Prachitgad and Bhairavgad are places of tourist importance in the park.

Trekking and Monsoon Spots in Sangli

Prachitgad, Shringarpur (175 km from Sangli)

Also known as Uchitgad, Prachitgad is an ancient fort in the Sahyadri mountain range on the western edge of Chandoli National Park at Shringarpur. Sangameshwar is a small town on Mumbai-Goa road. From Sangameshwar buses or private vehicles are available for Shringarpur. The place is accessible only by foot from Shringarpur which is a 5 to 8 hour climb and trek through treacherous terrain. It has an outer wall and an inner wall. The outer wall is still intact while the inner wall is in ruins. There is a well, a temple and five guns within the fort. It can only be accessed by means of a ladder.

Kandhar Waterfall (65 km from Sangli)

Kandhar waterfall is located in forest area of Chandoli National Park at 10 km from Valmiki town and 25 km from Peth Naka. The place is ideal for trekking and nature trails however prior permission of forest department needs to be taken. Surrounded by dense evergreen forest, this waterfall has excellent views.It needs two hour walk from Pandhare Pani village with the help of local guide and forest watchman.

Pilgrimages in Sangli

Ganesh Temple, Sangli

This beautiful temple is built of black stones from the hills of Jyotiba and famous for artistic construction. More Information

Khidrapur Temple, Kolhapur (25 km from Sangli)

If you are visiting Nrusinhawadi, don't miss beautifully carved sculptures of Khidrapur temple which is dedicated to Kopeshwar or Mahadev. More Information

Nrushinhawadi, Kolhapur (20 km from Sangli)

Situated on the sacred confluence of Krishna and Panchganga rivers, Swayambhu Paduka of Dattaguru are worshipped at Nrusinhawadi. The place is named after stay of Shri Narusinh Saraswati. More Information

Shree Ganesh Temple, Tasgaon (25 km from Sangli)

Shree Ganesh Temple of Tasgaon is important pilgrimage of Sangli. The uniqueness of the temple is that the trunk of shrine is set towards the left side and the idol is of pure gold. The gopura structure of the temple is seven storied similar to South Indian style. The temple was built by Patwardhan family who also looks after Ganesh Chaturthi festival and Rath Utsav.

Gurudev Datta Temple, Audumbar (25 km from Sangli)

Shree Kshetra Audumbar is situated in Tasgaon Taluka at 8 km east of Bhilawadi Railway station and is known for the shrine of Shree Dattatraya. It is said to have been built in honour of Shree Narasimha Saraswati who is supposed to be the second incarnation of Shree Dattatraya.

Sangameshwar Shiva Temple, Haripur (5 km from Sangli)

Sangameshwar Shiva Temple is located at the confluence of rivers Krishna and Warna in Haripur village of Sangli. The ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the popular temples of the region. The temple is visited by many devotees in the month of Shravan.

Battis Shirala, Sangli (65 km from Sangli)

Battis Shirala is a town at 65 km from Sangli district. Battis Shirala is famous for its annual Nag Panchami Snake festival, which is attended by thousands of people. There was tradition that before Nagpanchami snakes were catch and on the festival day, they were worshipped. But the Court has banned the catching of the snakes.

Shirala also has Gorkhnath Temple. Once in 12 years all the followers of Nath panti (Nath Sampradaya) visit Shirala and leave one of them behind to take care of this temple for the next 12 years.

Shirala is also famous for one of the eleven Maruti temples built by Marathi saint Samarth Ramdas. This 17th-century temple is located about 200 feet away from main bus station of the town and is visited by many devotees on Saturdays.

Khwaja Meera Saheb Dargah, Miraj (10 km from Sangli)

Khwaja Meera Saheb Dargah was built in honour of Hazrat Khwaja Mohammed Mira Chisti Hussaini and his son Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Urf Shamna Mira Ganja Baksh. The Dargah is more than 500 years old and opens its doors for all people irrespective of religion. During festivals, the devotees of this Dargah walk on burning coal.

Ramaling Temple, Sangli (50 km from Sangli)

Ramaling Temple is beautiful cave temple located on a hill in Sangli. The main shrine is shrine of the temple is Shivalinga which is belived to be worshipped by Lord Rama during his exile. The wall caves are always wet with flouring water but the water level remains always same even in monsoon. There are old structure and pond around the cave.

Sri Sri Radha Gopal Temple, ISKCON Aravade (35 km from Sangli)

(Timings: 4.30 am to 1.00 pm, 4.30 am to 9.00 pm,

The beautiful and attractive deities of Sri Sri Radha Gopal preside in this temple. A grand hall decorated with pastimes of Lord Krishna has been created in front of the Garbhgriha. Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu travelled this region on its way towards Pandharpur. Also this is birth place of H. H. Lokanath Swami Maharaja.

Other Important Tourist Information about Sangli

How to Reach Sangli:

Nearest airport is at Pune with 231 km. Closet railway station is Sangli and Miraj with 10 km. Sangli is well connected by road transport to other cities.

Best Season to Visit Sangli: September to March

Sangli District Website:

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