(Nearest Railway Station Kudal with 45 km, 534 km from Mumbai, 387 km from Pune, 161 km from Kolhapur, 158 km from Goa)

Malvan fort is a classical example of strategically architecture of Shivaji Maharaj to defeat the enemy. Surrounded by sea the fort is accessible through regular ferry boat service. Major attractions of the fort include palm and footprints of Shivaji Maharaj on dried lime, Shivrajeshwar Temple built by Rajaram, water reservoirs and architecture of the fort.

Beautiful Jay Ganesh temple in Malvan is built by well known astrologer Jayantrao Salgaonkar is worth to visit. Malvan is also famous for malvani sea food and local malvani products.


(8km south from Malvan)

Tarkali beach is gem destination of Maharashtra tourism. It has its long and narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters surrounded by suru trees. The beach has well developed MTDC resort and house boat facility. Snorkelling, Scuba diving, dolphin safari and water sports is also available. Adjacent Devbaug beach is less crowded than Tarkarli.

Bharadi Devi temple, Anganewadi

(14 km from Malvan)

Temple is dedicated to Goddess Bharadi Devi and annual fair is conducted at this place in the month of February.

Rameshwar Temple, Achara

(23 km north of Malvan)

This ancient temple is 600 years old and Lord Rameshwar is highly worshipped. Achara Beach and Tondavali Beach are less explored and famous for dolphin watching.

Dhamapur Lake (18 km from Malvan) is manmade lake and one of biggest lake in Maharashtra. The lake has surrounding beautiful scenery and also boating facility is available. Bhagvati Temple is located at Damapur.


(45 km from Malvan, 28 km from Sawantwadi, 22 km from Kudal)

Vetoba Temple

(15 km from Vengurla)

Vetoba temple is dedicated to Vetoba, God of Ghosts. On annual fair, devotees offer Vetoba a pair of sandals and bunch of bananas.

Sagareshwar Beach

(3 km from Vengurla)

Sagareshwar is popular for clean and safe beach in Kokan coastal.

Velagar Beach

(20 km from Vengurla)

Velagar beach is beautiful, calm and clean beach and has resorts/hotels nearby.

Yashwantgad Fort

Yashwantgad is in ruined condition with its walls. However it offers fantastic view confluence of the creek and the sea.

Redi Temple

(22 km from Vengurla)

Dedicated to Shri Ganesha, this beautiful idol is six feet, self originated and two handed.

Niwati Beach

(30 km from Vengurla)

Niwati Beach is famous for dolphin site and offers beautiful view of playing dolphin.


(106 km from Sawantwadi, 50 km from Malvan, 88 km from Kudal)

Vijaydurg Fort

(30 km from Devgad)

Vijaydurg fort is one of strongest sea fort and has triple line of fortifications. It has also underwater wall and underwater tunnel which was example of Maratha architecture.

Devgad Fort

Devgad has derived its name from Devgad fort. The fort has lighthouse, windmill plateau, Ganesh mandir and port. Panoramic view of sea and beautiful sunset is not to miss.

Kunkeshwar Temple and beach

(14 km from Devgad)

Kunkeshwar temple is dedicated to Shiva temple and finest example of ancient architecture. Kunkeswar beach is clean and beautiful beach and also dolphins are seen here.

Bhagvati Temple, Kotkamte

(30 km from Malvan)

Dedicated to Goddess Bhagvati, historical temple has idol beautifully carved in the stone.

( Do you know Devgad is also famous for devgad alphonso mango? More info


(52 km from Malvan, 150 km from Kolhapur, 376 km from Pune, 523 km from Mumbai)

Sawantwadi Rajawada

(10.30 am to 5.30 pm, Closed on Government Holidays)

This old Rajawada is now place for exhibition of handicrafts items, photographs and old antique items.

Moti Talav is located opposite to Rajwada with a panoramic background of Narendra Hills and can take ride on peddle boat for leisure. Market for wooden toys is with walking distance from lake and Rajawada.


(30 km from Sawantwadi, 142 km from Kolhapur, 85 km from Kankavali, 50 km from Kudal)

This small hill station is becoming hot tourist destination because of its natural beauty and quiet place. Amboli has two sunset points. During the monsoon season, thousands of people visit Amboli Waterfall to enjoy under this stunning waterfall.

(Do you know Sawantwadi is also famous for wooden toys and bamboo craft?)

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