Tour Checklist

Before Tour

1) Plan your trip well in advance to avoid inconvenience in flight/train/hotel/bus booking. It will also save your penny in advanced booking. Further, check events/festivals of the location in include in trip.

2) Get complete information not only tourist spots but other information like weather, security level/police stations, transport facilities, eating facilities, medical facilities, emergency contact details,

3) Make checklist of all items you are going to carry for the trip. For example – identity proof, Debit/Credit Cards, tickets, first aid kit, electronic items like camera/mobiles/charger/usb cables, clothes, water bottles, pocket knife.

4) Check the internet for the past incidents happened.

5) If you are planning your trip on your own, prepare day wise schedule. Also check opening/closing timing, visiting hours of the spot.

During Tour

1) Follow strictly the dress code while visiting religious places and rural areas.

2) Check the permission and charges for use of camera before entering the site.

3) Before leaving the hotel, check your checklist to ensure that all items are packed up.

4) Keep wearable identity card or contact details with children and old persons. So if any mishap happens, it might help you.

5) Avoid street and junk food, local water to keep your health during the trip. If particular eating spot is famous, then you can try it.

6) Avoid visiting unknown places during night and always stay together.

After Tour

1) Make notes of important points which might be helpful in future.

2) Take backup of camera photos and video to save any mishap.

3) See your doctor for any injuries or fever occurred during the trip.

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