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Accoland-Family Fun Kingdom


Water Park with Rides such as Aqua Thrill, Baby Train, Rockin Rola, Bumper Cars, Caterpillar, Columbia, Log Flume, Mery Go Round, Music Bob, My Fair Lady, Pirate Ship Queen's Bay, Roller Coaster, Sky Train, Sun & Moon, Swing Chairs, Water Shoot, Cine Magix , The Vortex Maze.

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Chitralekha Udyan (Cole Park), Tezpur


Chitralekha Udyan is picture square garden built by Mr. Cole, a Commissioner of Assam and reconstructed by Mr. M.G.V.K. Bhanu, the deputy Commissioner of Tezpur, in 1996. This beautiful garden has ancient ornamented stone pillars, sculptural relics, lush green walkways small amphitheatre and water sports facilities at the lake. The famous Bhomoraguri inscription which recorded the ancient plans to build a bridge across the Brahmaputra (where the current Kolia Bhomora Setu exists) has been transported to this park for public viewing.

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