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India has been always attraction to the world for spiritual knowldege and philosophy. Numbers of foreigners come to India to gain the spiritual knowledge and follow the spirtitual path. However finding Right Guru to understand the divinity is really difficult task. But one has to walk on his spiritual journey at some stage of life. Books and lectures can help you to judge yourself the right medium and right direction. But there should be someone to direct and guide. Only your inner eagerness and devotedness will take your the Sadguru. So be patient, be vigilant and be careful unless and until you realise that you meet that right person and then have full faith on your guru.

Also, Yoga can be right medium but true spiritual knowledge gives the direction on the way of your divinity. It is only the divine knowledge which will awake your inner God.

In this article, we have tried to give useful information about ashrams and spirtual organisations India. It is not possible to apprise the organisation and we have not inspected any ashrams.  But it will help you to get more information so that you will get fair idea about the spiritual organisations in India.

Please note that in this section, it has specifically avoided mentioning about pilgrims, religious activities like aarti, yadnyas etc. These are just ways to strengthen your beliefs toward God. It may or may not be helpful to understand and experince real divinity. To understand basic principles behind such activities, we would like to recommend the books of Mr Stephen Knapp (

It would grateful if you share experiences about the ashram you visited, which may prove helpful to others thier spiritual journey.

Following links wiill give more information about statewise spiritual organisations in India. 

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