Gautala Sanctuary, Chalisgaon


Gautala Sanctuary is a reserved forest and protected area situated in the Ajanta and Satmala hill ranges of Western Ghats. Sanctuary has more than 50 species of wild animals, 200 species of residents as well as migrants birds and 200 plant species. Other tourist spots around the location includes Chitalkhora caves, Patna Devi, Antur fort and many waterfalls.


January to April

How to reach

Nearest railway station is Chalisgaon. Private vehicles can be hired from Chalisgaon and Aurangabad.


3 km from Kannad, 12 km from Chalisgaon, 72 km from Aurangabad, 135 km from Jalgaon

Contact No

For prior permission, contact Deputy Conservator of Forests, Plat No.10, Gurujan Colony Housing Society, Tilak Nagar, Sawarkar Chowk, Aurangabad -240-2331027.

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